Cat and Mouse By James Patterson

The killer from the first book is back and this time it’s personal between him and Detective Alex cross! That is the biggest story within Cat and Mouse but it is not the only one, this book is definitely the most fast  paced and exciting one in the series so far with huge story lines to follow.

As I mentioned in my last blog, it seems that Cross may have a love interest. Well it turns out he does but like everything else in Cross’s life is it all to good to last? The entire story of Alex Cross and his lover is heart warming and again makes him seem human because he cares for his family and he is looking for love like everyone wants to.

Sampson is of course there every step of the way helping Cross and protecting Cross’s family. In the biggest twist within the story we finally get to see a softer side of John Sampson, if that doesn’t melt your heart nothing will!

James Patterson’s stories are woven just like a fairy tale, they grab you from the moment you start reading with bated breath for a happy solution to Cross’s problems, however unlike a fairy tale they might not always have a happy ending. I thoroughly recommend giving Cat and Mouse a read as it is full of excitement, drama, romance, a touch of sadness but most of all love for Cross and his family.


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