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The Green Mile by Stephen King


Many people will have heard about the Green Mile as a movie but the book is much better. Stephen King’s novel is full of drama, suspense, sadness and anger and the way it is written makes it a fantastic story.

The Green Mile is a story about the wardens and the criminals on death row “the green mile” at Cold Mountain prison. Whether you as a reader agree or disagree with the death penalty, the story illuminates how the guards feel and how they deal with death every day. Life on death row seems to plod along quite well until the guards meet John Coffey, sentenced to death for raping and murdering two little girls the guards see him as just another inmate but Coffey isn’t quite what he seems.

I would like to tell you more but I would rather you read the book and got caught up in the story and the characters that make up the Green Mile, and find yourselves getting trapped inside the story, a story that is truly heart warming and heart breaking at the same time.

As always I would suggest to you that you read the book first before checking out the film. I will give credit to the film however as for once it is quite similar to the book. Another fantastic book from King, well worth a read.


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The Silent Wife by A.S.A Harrison


I have been asked by Real Readers to read and review this book by A.S.A Harrison. To begin with I hadn’t heard of this author let alone this book so I did some research into both, I discovered that the author had passed away before the book had been published and that it took her roughly ten years to write. Before writing this piece of fiction Harrison was known for publishing works in the non-fiction genre.

Now on to the book its self, it is described as a psychological thriller but as an avid reader of this genre I have to say that this book is not that at all. Don’t get me wrong I did enjoy the story and it was well told I just don’t think it had me gripped with fear or on the edge of my seat scared of what might happen next.

The book is a little dark in places, especially when it intimates at a sordid past for one of the main characters. The Silent Wife is based around the marriage of Jodi and Todd who in their own ways are damaged people, so being together can only rush toward a disastrous end. You know from the blurb that she, Jodi, becomes a murder and he, Todd, becomes the victim all because of the self destructiveness of their characters. She seems a little psychopathic but hides it well and he is a serial cheat who doesn’t hide it at all!

The book isn’t too long at all and is quite a good read, I would definitely suggest that my follows give it a try.

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The Wind Through the Keyhole by Stephen King


Technically this is the eighth Dark Tower Series book but it is meant to be read between book four, Wizard and Glass, and book five Wolves of the Calla. It is a sweet interlude into Roland the  Gunslinger’s past  whilst he and his Ka-tet wait out a storm known as a starkblast.

This book is perfectly fine to be read as a story by  itself as it doesn’t really pertain to the main series, other than the characters. Personally I enjoyed the book as it showed a nicer side to Roland and was a lovely journey into the depths of a world Stephen King created eight books ago.

The plot of this book is of Roland telling his  group about a quest he partook in as a young gunslinger, and part of this tale involves him recounting a story his mother used to tell him as a boy. The book is two tales in one which are interwoven quite nicely and so for me as a reader I couldn’t decide which I liked most as they were both lovely in their own way.

I would definitely recommend all King fans and Dark Tower enthusiasts to give it a read,  it’s not overly long and it’s even decorated with a few illustrations.


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Firestarter by Sephen King


It all started with poor student’s participating in an experiment only known as Lot-6, not much was known about the drug so when the experiment goes wrong it doesn’t take long for the government sector The Shop to shut it down and cover it up! A few years later The Shop figure out that participants in the Lot-6 experiments have developed certain mind powers and decide that if they can be a useful tool in maintaining America’s freedom then they can live, albeit under Shop supervision, and if they can’t be of use then they are to be destroyed.

This is where we meet the McGee family, husband and wife Vickie and Andy took part in the experiment all those years ago and both developed physic powers and Andy developed more of an ability than his wife, but it is neither of them that The Shop are after. They are after their daughter Charlie because she developed the greatest power of the entire family, she could set things on fire by just thinking about them or getting upset and angry.

The story follows the life of the McGees through their attempts to lead a normal life and eventually their attempts to avoid capture by The Shop. This is another great book by King, it has you hooked from the start and he makes the reader want to know how things are going to turn out. A great read.

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