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Violets are Blue by James Patterson

Another fantastic read from Patterson, I cannot get enough of the Alex Cross series. The entire series is fraught with betrayal, fear, suspense, love and good old detective work from the dragon slayer himself.

Violets are Blue follows on from Roses are Red which ends on a huge cliffhanger, thankfully Violets are Blue makes sure all questions from the previous book are answered in true Patterson style.

The book also focuses on a spate of horrific killings, the victims are found hung upside down and drained of all blood. Cross isn’t a believer of vampires but after this case he just might be. Alex Cross is left feeling burnt out and miserable after the last case and so feels under immense stress to solve this case as fast as possible.

I cannot really say much more about the book without giving too much away so I will have to leave it there. Other than to say Detective Alex Cross is fast becoming my favorite male hero of all time, and I would recommend reading this series to anyone and everyone.


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Roses are Red by James Patterson

This book may possibly be the most complicated Alex Cross novel yet, it is full of intrigue, upset, anger and fantastic plot twists. Roses are Red has been well thought out and keeps the reader guessing right until the very last page.

As the sixth book in the series I have grown to love the character Alex Cross and his family, especially Sampson. I also thought by now I would be able to tell who to trust and who to be careful of so I was totally shocked by the turn of events in this book. If you have been following the series too I can imagine you will be just as shocked.

Detective Cross is faced with a new and intriguing kind of psychopath, one who is committing bank robberies and gruesome murders and one who is apparently clever enough never to leave evidence behind. This maniac might just be Crosses downfall as every lead in the cases leads the detectives further and further into a web of mystery and lies. Can Alex and his team solve the mystery before more people are hurt and killed.

This novel is definitely worth a read, and for Alex Cross lovers you are in for a huge shock. For crime fiction enthusiasts this book is also a great read so give James Patterson a shot.

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Pop Goes the Weasel by James Patterson

This book is the fifth in the series from my favorite fictional crime fighter, Detective Alex Cross. Of course there are the other infamous characters like nana and the kids and best of all Alex’s partner Sampson, together they make a wonderful team of support, love and crime fighting.

This series of books are fantastic and although they could be read as individual novels I would strongly suggest that they are read in order, otherwise references to certain criminals or facts from the past may not make any sense.

To not give the entire plot away, as I promised my followers at the start, I cannot say much as the whole basis of the book is so intrinsically woven that saying anything could jeopardise a readers surprise, horror, love, sadness and outrage that the book inspires in the reader.

It is safe to say that as usual Alex Cross faces his most horrific criminal yet, one that doesn’t care if he is caught! While facing the usual politics within the police force can Alex and Sampson, among others solve the case and bring the culprit to justice.

Pop Goes the Weasel is a good read as you know who the killer is from the start, for me it makes the story real as you can see just how Alex unravels the clues and the crimes.

I am a huge fan of James Patterson and would suggest to all who like crime novels to give the Alex Cross series a read!

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Cause of Death by Patricia Cornwell

This is number seven in the Scarpetta series and I have to say that it wasn’t as good at the previous six. In Cause of Death there is just too much happening all at once, in the previous books it was a tad outlandish that Kay Scarpetta could do everything and be anything that people needed her to be but by this book the fact that she also knows tons about radioactive material and is also a qualified diver is slightly annoying.

The story itself wasn’t too bad but after all the build up it really did come to an ubrupt ending. It was sort of like here is all the dramatic stuff and bam they all lived happily ever after and didn’t give me the ending that I thought the book was building up to.

Hopefully then next in the series will see Patricia Cornwell return to her usual and brilliant self as there are roughly twenty books in the Kay Scarpetta series.

This book is worth a read if only to keep up with the flow of the series, however I did enjoy it slightly for the sheer drama of the plot and its characters. This book unfortunately is not one of Cornwell’s best.

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From Potter’s Field by Patricia Cornwell

This is the sixth book in the Kay Scarpetta series, so I have to apologise for skipping the fifth book the Body Farm. The reason I haven’t reviewed it straight after Cruel and Unusual is because it was the first Patricia Cornwell book I read and so I have unfortunately read it out of sync with the others in the series. I try not to do this with series of books but because I collect books I needed to read a single one by Cornwell to see if I wanted to add it to my collection, I have since collected all of her books so am now reading them in order.

The reason I mentioned this is because From Potter’s Field features the same serial killer from Cruel and Unusual and The Body Farm so even though most of the books still make sense out of sequence it is definitely better to read these three in order. I found this out the hard way by reading the middle book first meaning I felt like I was on the back foot all the time.

From Potter’s Field is an excellent book and is gripping from the beginning as we are now familiar with the good characters like, Kay, Lucy, Wesely and Marino and understand their frustration and pain with chasing the notorious serial killer over three books, Temple Gault.

There seems to be nothing that is beyond Gault no matter how disturbing the notion would be to a normal human being, he is intent on playing his evil game through to the very end and he wants Kay Scarpetta to play along. Can Kay and the people she works with catch Gault before the dead bodies pile up too high?

My only complaint with this book is the title ‘From Potter’s Field’ as it didn’t really make sense to me, even though throughout the book mention is made of it, this place is never really explained which leaves me at odds with the relevance of the title. Other than that it is another fantastically clever and well thought out story.

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