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Mistress by James PattersonĀ 

However much I enjoy a James Patterson book, I have taken the decision to stop collecting his works. This is purely on the basis that there are just to many to keep up with, the man churns out far to many books a year and I just dont have that kind of income! With the other authors I collect they produce one, maybe two books a year and I am happy with that.

Mistress is a stand alone Patterson novel and is standard Patterson format, short chapters cutting to the heart of the plot without messing around. A plot that isn’t too inconceivable in real life and a story that often puts you on the edge of your seat.

James Patterson is a great read for any lover of crime books, they can be devoured easily in any surrounding. The reader can also try at being detective as the twists and turns of the story line never become to confusing. It can be fun to beat the main character to the punch!

Mistress is a book full of goverment conspiracies and one plucky journalist who just wont give up the fight without learning the truth, in his effort to uncover the truth who can he trust? The road to the truth never did run smooth but how many will lost their life in this fight to the end? 

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