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The Killing Place by Tess Gerritsen 

Another fantastic read from Gerritsen, it has the reader enthralled from the start. Part of the Rizzoli & Isles series, the Killing Place has all the usual characters in it and this time it is personal!

Maura Isles goes missing after joining friends for a skiing trip and that is all her friend Jane Rizzoli knows but she is sure that Maura wouldn’t just vanish as she is just not that type of woman. 

Maura and her friends have a minor road accident while driving through the snow and end up in a settlement called Kingdom Come. The entire village has been deserted and in a hurry, leaving the group feeling nervous about staying there. As time goes on it becomes obvious that something terrible has happened here and that they are not alone in the settlement! 

Can Maura escape to find help for them all or are they doomed to die in an abandoned place? Can Jane figure out what has gone on and save the day or this may just be the last she ever sees of her friend! 

One thing is certain for both women is that they will be lied to and manipulated in order to keep the truth of Kingdom Come buried. The race is now on to figure out the truth and remain safe.

A gripping read from the start, Gerritsen is always a great read for fans of the genre. New readers to Gerritsen, don’t feel you have to read the Rizzoli & Isles series from the start as I haven’t and I have done just fine.

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Lifeguard by James Patterson 

I adore James Patterson books because they are easy to read and they pick up pace quite quickly, making them food holiday reads.

Lifeguard is a great book about criminals being double crossed during the robbery of their careers. Trying to figure out why people have been murdered because of this robbery Ned Kelly finds himself the only suspect in the case! 

He needs to prove to everyone that yes he was part of the robbery but he is no killer and that he didn’t actually rob anyone as the items they had gone to get had already been stolen! 

Who can he trust as the more he gets into the crime the more he thinks the police are involved too, so the only one he decides to trust is FBI agent Ellie. Will she believe his story or will Ned go to prison for cimes he didn’t commit?! 

A good easy read for lovers of crime everywhere.

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Blackwater by James Henry 

Blackwater is a great read, it has many characters in which to remember but they are all given so much detail that it isn’t difficult to keep trackof who’s who. It’s also clever because of the many characters the reader cannot easily figure out who is the main person behind all the crimes.

Set in Colchester in 1983 the police have their work cut out for them when three crimes happen around the same time. DI Nick Lowry, while investigating a drug smuggling incident begins to realise that the other crimes are no coincidence and that they may all be linked to this one thing. The question is how? 

Can DI Lowry get to the ringleader before anyone else gets hurt or the drugs make it out onto the street? Him and his fellow police officers will try their hardest to figure it out.

A great read for all crime lovers, it’s not to complex but the story is captivating. As I reader I found it more intriguing because I couldn’t figure out the ringleader, which to me makes it a better read. Definitely recommend giving it a read! 

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