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Eddie The Beast Hall My Story

For lovers of Strongman everywhere this is is a great book. Who better to follow and to be the peoples champion other than the great Eddie Hall!

After following Strongman for a few years now to suddenly have this man burst onto our screens with a huge personality to go with his giant size. Anyone could see he also had potential to actually win the competition and become the World’s strongest man, the first Britain for years. What was not to love?!

The book shows how much actual work goes into preparing for these competitions and how much of their personal life they give up to entertain the masses. It also highlights just how far strongman competitions have come and how many injuries these guys suffer.

Terry Hollands has always been a favorite of mine and my dads, that was until we came across Mr Hall. While Hollands is still a legend there is a new master in town and that people is Eddie Hall.

Well worth a read for anyone who has a passing interest is strongman, and a must for people who really love strongman competitions.


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Polo by Jilly Cooper

Another fantastic bonk buster from one of the greats Jilly Cooper. Polo is the third book in the series and while a great stand alone novel, it is much better if it is read in order. The books have some reoccurring characters who certainly bring the story to life if you know their full story.

As usual this book is also about horses, this time polo instead of show jumping. The story twists and turns through romance, hatred, betral and unrequieted love making it a turbulent read.

It is exciting from the start but with all the bed hopping and change of bad guys to good guys you will need to pay close attention to the plot or you might just get confused.

A fantastic read, even if you know nothing of polo and you just fancy a good romance this might just be the perfect book for you!

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