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Better Together by Sheila O’Flanagan


This book is fantastic and is such a good book to unwind with after a hard day at work. As a huge fan of Sheila O’Flanagan’s previous books I was already looking forward to reading this one and I have to say I wasn’t disappointed.

Better Together is a great story, it is charming and romantic and at times is also a bit sad and can make the reader frustrated at the characters plight. The main characters are journalist Sheridan Grey and guesthouse owner Nina Fallon and through a series of unfortunate events they meet each other.

To begin with the pair seem unlikely to ever form a friendship but they seem to find a way to begin a tenuous relationship, however all is not plain sailing for the unlikely duo. From complete misunderstandings to just plain opposite opinions the two women also have to contend with their own life altering circumstances.

The book follows these women through a trying time in their lives and the outcome is a great story for every avid reader of romantic fiction. Sheila O’Flanagan’s books always leave me feeling warm and happy, well worth a read this christmas.

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One Hundred Names by Cecelia Ahern


Another fantastic book from the author of P.S I Love you. Cecelia Ahern has done it again in this brilliant and magical story called One Hundred Names.

The story revolves around Kitty Logan and how she has made a mess of her journalistic career, the plot weaves its way through sadness and a kind of dislike for her at the start. However when Kitty is given the chance to redeem herself and her career you come to like her as a character, as she meets some great people who have a wonderful story to tell her. Kitty soon realises that this final story may not be about her at all but about giving a voice to a list of 100 ordinary people who were written in a list found in her editor’s desk.

This story is magical and had me on the verge of tears a couple of times, not because it is sad but because it was nice to read about totally nice people  for a change. This book could have easily been longer than 327 pages as the story just flew by, I found it hard to put down and was disappointed when I completed the book in three days. This is a great christmas read, another fantastic book from Ahern.

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The Business by Martina Cole


Another good book from Martina Cole, the story its self is great and Cole spends time fleshing out the main characters of the book making them easier to picture, however throughout the book this becomes a little bit repetitive because certain points are said over and over again making the book harder to read than it should be. Other than that and the ever present bad language that some readers find offensive the story is of great quality.

Cole is known for her books revolving around London’s criminal underworld and she does a good job of painting a fantastic picture in the readers head. The stories are hard to bear witness to and are deadly serious filled with gritty characters, lies, deceit, murder and every once in a while love and The Business is no different.

The Business is about the Dooley family and how a few choice decisions by the main character Imelda can shape the outcome of everyone’s lives. Imelda hasn’t a care in the world for anyone but herself so when she finds herself in a difficult situation as a teenager she does the only thing that she is good at and lies to save herself. Her poor decisions set the marker by which everyone around Imelda has their lives altered irreparably, and to the consequences of her actions Imelda has no regard.

A good book to read as it shows the reader the lengths that some people will go to to remain in their own little world. I recommend giving this one a read.

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