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Darker Angels by M.L.N Hanover

Again this book is about a genre that I don’t really read because I don’t particularly like it. Dark Angels is also the second book in the series and never quite makes sense on its own.

The book is about demons that can ‘ride’ in other people’s bodies and other supernatural beings, it is also about one woman and her team of demon hunters.

I cannot say much more about this book because I didn’t enjoy it and at times I didn’t even understand it, but I don’t want to put people off trying it. I should imagine that if you are a fantasy genre buff then you will enjoy this book, and will probably read the series in order.

The main thing that annoyed me about the book was that I couldn’t decide if the book was for adults or young teens, maybe the book its self got confused. The reason I say this is because at moments the book uses expletives and other times it just says “I said something obscene”, either decide to use bad language throughout or not at all for me using half and half is just strange.

I must say that I will not be reading anymore of this series.


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Guitly Wives by James Patterson

Well, where do I start? This novel is fantastic, from the first page I found it hard to put down and believe me 534 pages just flew by.

Patterson has done it again, this stand alone novel Guilty Wives is full of guilt, lies, sex, betrayal and deception. Each plot twist adds a new dimension to the book, pulling you as a reader further into Patterson’s world that he has created.

The book is about four women who are in a French prison serving life sentences for murder. The main perspective of the book is from Abbie Elliot, one of the wives, she is determined to find out who put her here because she is adamant that her and her girlfriends did not commit the crime they are accused of.

A girly weekend away from their husbands turns into the weekend they will never forget, gambling and partying in Monte Carlo turns into murder and conspiracy.

Can Abbie piece together the puzzle of who framed her and her friends before the death toll rises to high? She must conquer this by herself as the french government and the population of France believes these four women are guilty.

Abbie must utilise all the recourses she has and become a tougher woman than she ever thought she could be, because whoever framed them is determined to keep them quite by any means necessary. Abbie needs to figure this out as soon as possible because she cannot trust anyone, maybe the person guilty of murder and conspiracy is closer than each of the women think!

A fantastic book, well worth a read. Praise, as usual for Patterson.

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Evercrossed by Elizabeth Chandler

This book is the fourth book in the Kissed by an Angel series and unfortunately it doesn’t really make sense by its self. References kept being made to the previous books without putting it into context for new readers.

The other issue I had with the book is that it isn’t really a genre I read so the story was really hard to get into.

Basically the book is about people who believe in angels and that their loved ones can come back to protect them after they have died, the same can be said about people who mean you harm can come back with the same purpose after death.

I really didn’t enjoy reading this book and I think that unfortunately my review shows that as I don’t really have much to say about it. Readers of the fantasy genre might enjoy it so I don’t want to give it too bad a review as after all these are just my opinions, but I must say I will not be collecting or reading any more of Elizabeth Chandlers books.

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Private Lives by Tasmina Perry

The latest read from Perry is a pure holiday read, it draws you in to the story so well that everything else just seems to fade away. The story is once again filled with lies, sex, power and money and in the world of media law no scandal is too large to cover up!

The story revolves around media lawyer Anna Kennedy, who is brilliant at stopping celebrities indiscretions appearing in the press that was until she meets Sam Charles, a hot-shot actor who she cannot protect.

Whilst trying to protect Sam Charles’ reputation as well as her own Anna stumbles across a huge scandal. A scandal so huge that powerful people are prepared to do anything to cover it up! With one girl already dead can Anna fight her conscience enough in order to piece together the story that has been so well hidden, possibly exposing the people she thought she knew in the process.

This book is such an easy read without being so simple that it’s boring, the book is complex and intriguing on every page and will have you hooked from the start. It is another fantastic book from Tasmina Perry, well worth a read.


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Perfect Strangers by Tasmina Perry

If you enjoy the thrill of Jackie Collins then you will adore the novels written by Tasmina Perry, they are fantastic, full of sex, drama, lies and corruption and all in this one explosive story.

Perfect Strangers focuses on the life of Sophie Ellis and when her rich and famous lifestyle goes out the window she must find another way to make ends meet. Becoming a personal trainer on the spur of the moment seems too good to be true especially as her client invites her to house sit her million pound house after a just a few weeks. Things seem to be going so well so quickly for Sophie as she ends up having a fling with the charming and handsome Nick Cooper.

When Nick is found dead in his hotel room Sophie realises she is now the number one suspect in the polices eyes. Then she gets followed and attacked by strangers, it becomes apparent that Nick wasn’t the man she thought he was. Can Sophie figure out what is going one before she gets arrested for murder or killed by strangers!

In her pursuit of the truth Sophie runs straight in to the unwilling arms of Josh McCormack, but can she trust him anymore than she can trust anyone at the moment. Throughout the story Sophie must uncover truths that she may not want to hear about her family and about Nick the man she thought she had fallen in love with.

Money is a fantastic motive for murder, greed, revenge and deceit but is it really worth everything, including your happiness and sanity?

This book will have you gripped from the beginning, definitely worth a read.

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