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The Damned by Andrew Pyper 

Reviewing this book for RealReaders and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by this Stephen King style book. Full of chilling events from start to finish it was easy to get caught up in the story.

The Damned follows main character Danny’s exploration into the afterlife seeing as he has been there and  returned before! He is also certain that in life his sister was never entirely human and now in death she is determined to take her twin brother with her.

Can Danny figure out how to stop her for a shot at finally finding happiness or will their battle be the death of them both again?

Not overly long and not a difficult read, a great story for thriller enthusiasts to sink their teeth into.

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Faceless by Martina Cole 

Martina Cole is one of my favorite authors when I want to emmerse myself in gritty, gangster novels. These are the best and they don’t often disappoint, they convey exactly how I think that kind of life to be.

Marie Carter has spent most of her life in prison for a double murder without any contact from the outside world and the life she once knew. Now she is out and trying to adjust to life outside the prison walls, everything has changed and her children, now teenagers want nothing to do with her!

Can Marie make a life for herself and can she stop her daughter from making the same mistakes she did? Coming out of prison seems to have opened a can of worms that some people would rather stayed buried but will the life drag Marie back in or will the truth finally out?! 

A fantastic read, not for everyone with it’s colourful language and the violence on a regular basis, but great for readers who dont always want a flowery love story. I recommend it as a gripping read.

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A Walk in the Park by Jill Mansell 

Now I love a good Mansell book purely for their feel good factor. They make me believe in humanity, love and trust again and who could ask for more!

Even though you know these books always have a happy ending, the reader cannot help but wonder along with the characters. With all their ups and downs, their heartbreaks and their happy times sometimes it seems it may never be ok.

In A Walk in the Park the main characters Lara and Evie have been seperated for 18 years, after Lara disappeared from home leaving her family, her friends and the love of her life behind without any of them knowing why!

Now Lara is back and it’s as if she never left, until of course she meets Flynn again and realises she is still in love with him but does he still want her? 

A charming and funny read, a must have for all romance lovers out there.

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Hollywood  Sinners by Victoria Fox 

This was the first Victoria Fox novel I have ever read and I have to say it is delightfully trashy. A perfect easy to read story full of glitz, glamour, love, hatred and revenge. The perfect cocktail for a good old bonk buster.

Other reviews have likened these books to the Jackie Collins novels and I definitely agree with that. I was looking for a new author to fill that Jackie void and think this will do nicely.

Based around the lives of the rich and famous, Hollywood Sinners details exactly how far people will go to achieve fame and fortune in the glittering backdrop of LA. Some of the famous are far from ordinary as they do crazy things for love not fortune!

Follow a whole host of celebs on the path to destruction throughout this read but you have to get to the end to find out if any of them achieve happiness and success.

A fantastic read to transport yourself into another world entirely. I myself am looking forward to reading more Victoria Fox novels.

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11/22/63 by Stephen King

I adore Stephen King and the books he has produced over the years, he has such a vivid imagination that certainly translates to the reader. I always seem to get swept up into his novels for an emotional journey until the end.

11/22/63 is no different it sweeps the reader off their feet with the possibility of time travel, not only that but a chance to stop the infamous JFK assassination. Jake from 2011 steps over 50 years back into the past hoping to see if he can make a change to history for the better.

However the past doesn’t like to be changed and even minor differences can send ripples crashing through time! 

Can Jake give up the past in order to save the future….quite possibly if it hadn’t been for one thing…

LOVE, he falls deeply in love with a woman who in his time would be old or dead! Can Jake go back to his time and leave her behind, never knowing how her life turned out? 

You will have to take the trouble to find out for yourself, but beware it is and emotional rollercoaster will leave you with a lump in your throat and a tear in your eye. A fantastic read for fans of King or a good introduction to the King novels.

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