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Dreamcatcher by Stephen King


Another weird and wonderful book from King, I cannot get enough of his books. While this one is quite long at nearly 700 pages it is not as long as some, as usual with King once he has drawn you in the story just flies by.

This book has some characters in from a previous book but that doesn’t mean u have to have read the previous to enjoy Dreamcatcher. For the Stephen King fans out there the main characters from the book IT that everyone knew and probably loved are back again in another out of this world story.

I mean that quite literally too as the book is about a chance encounter from another planet. This story whilst having characters from IT in it, is reminiscent of Tommyknockers which was about aliens. It also makes similar reference to the mind control and the way humans get sick with alien contact.

Yes it sounds like I am saying King just rehashed an old story with a few new bits thrown in, while I can understand that, people who love his books will know that this book is far from being the same as any other.

A fantastic read, I can only say I become more in love with his books the more I read them. Well worth taking the time to read it.


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