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Broken by Martina Cole

A great read from Martina Cole, she writes amazingly hard-hitting crime fiction. Cole uses quite a lot of bad language throughout the book which might put some people off reading it, she also uses quite a lot of cockney rhyming slang which sometimes doesn’t make sense to the average reader but if you can get past that it is a fantastic book.

Broken is about returning character DI Kate Burrows and she is facing the toughest time ever. Burrows is faced with the fact that children are going missing around her patch and before they can get any leads some of them start turning up dead, this case slowly becomes one of her strangest cases yet. This case is much bigger than anyone first believes, can Kate figure out who is involved and how, whilst being impeded by her own police force?

Who can Kate trust when it seems that everyone even remotely respectable is lying to her or lying to cover for someone else! Not only that but Kate’s partner Patrick Kelly, a known gangster, is facing some huge problems of his own!

BrokenĀ is a fantastic book, at times it is hard to read due to the nature of the plot but it is very realistic and for that it makes the story even better.

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