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Confessions of a Wild Child by Jackie Collins


Well what can I say, this novel has rekindled my love for all things Lucky Santangelo. I have read all the Lucky books so whilst reading this one I kept flashing back or forward whichever way you look at it onto the rest of her life as I know it! It was an easy to read book about the teenage years of one of Jackie Collins’ most famous characters Luck Santangelo and her infamous family.

I love all things Collins and I feel that she is a fabulous writer when it come to pure escapism, vengeance, thrills and lots of sex. I have never been disappointed when it comes to her novels. I also find that I completely devour them and this one was no different, I completed it in two days it was that enthralled.

For those of you that haven’t had the pleasure of meeting the Santangelos let me give you a brief history. Gino is a notorious gangster type figure with his fingers in a lot of pies, Lucky is his headstrong, wild and wilful daughter who is so like her dad he doesn’t know what to do with her and then there is Dario, charming and handsome set to one day take over Gino’s empire. The only snag is Dario doesn’t want anything to do with it and Lucky wants it all and is determined to get it.

There are many other people we meet along the way, some you will love and others you will naturally hate. I highly recommend people read the Lucky Santangelo series as it fantastic.


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Christine by Stephen King


This story was told long before I was even born and whilst I enjoyed it I did find it a tad long-winded in places. It’s a longish book of 597 pages and it felt even longer, all the car talk and other over analysed parts made it quite difficult to get into. However once the pace picked up and the thrill factor grew the book just flew along.

Christine is about a car that is much more than a car, when the main character Arnie gets his hands on it strange things seem to start happening. Arnie begins to change and people feel ill at ease around the car ‘Christine’, and then bad things begin to happen to the people who enrage or hurt Arnie.

In true King style the story is wild and terrifying in a captivating way that only Stephen King can create. He takes the most unbelievable story and makes it so easy to believe with his magical story telling ability. Whilst this isn’t one of Kings best it is a great story to get into, once you get past all the extra car stuff of course.

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