Fault lines by Doug Johnstone

Quite a short book to be a thriller in my opinion but it upped the ante fairly swiftly. As it is quite short it doesn’t waste time padding out the characters, they are just who they are and thats about it so don’t get attached.

If you’re an avid reader of thrillers and crime novels like me it also becomes fairly easy to work out what’s happening and who is behind it all. For a thriller beginner this would probably be good to sink your teeth into.

The books main character is a volcanic land mass that has appeared off the cost of Scotland. While teams of students love to visit and investigate this new uncharted territory.

While uncovering it’s secrets it becomes apparent that everyone has something they want to hide.

Good little read to pass a couple of days.

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Ashes to Ashes by Tami Hoag

A great book from an author I don’t usually read. It’s a bit heavy going and rather long but a good start to a new series of books.

The book is about a killer called the cremator for reasons that are fairly obvious, the targets are women who are easily missed or women of abuse. The investigation of these murders only begins to heat up after a more affluent woman is killed causing outrage that all lives matter, not just those with money.

Victim advocate and former FBI behavioural unit member Kate Conlan gets tasked with mentoring the witness, the only person who can describe the cremator. Is the witness as honest as she seems and can Kate get through to her enough to get the truth?

Along with the investigation hotting up, a ghost from Kate’s past makes a reappearance to help with the case.

Can the task force get to the bottom of these crimes before more women die? Can they do their jobs without being paid by a rich father who wants specific answers?

The longer the cremator goes undetected the worse his hatred for Kate becomes. Will the cremator meet his match or has Kate finally met hers?

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In a Cottage in a Wood by Cass Green

Another author that I’ve never previously read and had infact never actually heard of!

The story itself rumbles along quite slowly considering how short a book it is. It definitely marks itself at the start of being a weird tale that will get into your head and stay there.

It wasn’t the best thriller I have read recently but it was a fairly good as I didn’t guess the twist, to be fair I just assumed they were all guilty of something as that’s how they read.

Neve the main character watches a woman plunge to her death one night on her way home, this is the begining of a strange set of events leading her to believe she is going crazy.

The more Neve learns about the dead girl and the cottage she has been given the scarier the place she is now meant to call home feels. Desperate to get to the bottom of all these strange circumstances that lead her here Neve starts asking for information about the girl who died that night on the bridge. Will she finally find the truth or will she go just as crazy as the girl before? Or was there something else to be scared of in a cottage in a wood?!

Pleasant way to pass the time for all thriller writers.

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The Girl Before by J P Delaney

Well what can I say…This book was so enthralling that I read it in less than 24 hours. A complete page turner, I just wanted to get to the part where something came to a head!

The book slowly weaves it’s story around you with a string of characters you aren’t quite sure you trust. Edward the obsessive architect who built the house with all the strange rules, Simon the devastated ex boyfriend, Jane the brand new tenant who needs to heal and Emma the girl who came before!

The tale is gripping when no one seems to be able to tell the truth and they all have something to hide. Can Jane figure out what happened to Emma inside that house before the same thing happens to her?

An author I have now decided I am going to collect I strongly recommend giving it a read. I am well and truly back guys.

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Absence makes the heart grow fonder….

Sorry I have been away for so long, I have still been reading but not as much as I used to.

I found I lost some of my joy in reading, getting consumed by other universes just didn’t captivate me like it used to. As we get older life isn’t always as we plan and we loose the people we love and because of that I felt I lost a sense of who I was and what I loved the most.

I decided to take a while to read a couple of books, attempt to get my love for them back. Even just reading books by authors I didn’t collect to see what would happen.

Slowly I have rekindled my obsesion with what I read, I fall seamlessly into worlds and characters laid out Infront of me. If the world gets hard I can disappear into a world of love, of crime, of horror, of whatever I want it to be.

Along the way I have read some good books like Thirteen by Steve Cavanagh and Cross Her Heart by Sarah Pinborough, to name but the recent few.

I cannot stress reading enough to people who just need an outlet for whatever this crazy life throws at you. I adore it and I will never again let anything take that joy away from me, without a good book I am not quite myself!!

This is my return to reviewing the books I read and I hope you will all still join me in that!?

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Playing Dead by Jessie Keane

As you can see from the picture above the statement as good as Martina Cole or your money back! Well what can I say, as an avid reader of Martina’s books I can confirm that these are fantastic and totally on par with her novels.

Annie Carter once an East End gangster, now a mafia queen is as hard as nails as ever….until her world is shattered once again and she becomes a widow for a second time. To loose your world once is hard enough but to do it again is earth shattering.

Annie is trying to pick up the pieces of what’s left of her life when a face and a true love reappears as if from the dead.

Playing Dead is as gritty and criminally interwoven as any novel, but in its own way it’s also a love story. Probably more true to real life and not a whimsical fairy tale.

A great read, would recommend reading the previous books in the series just for continuity.

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The Unpredictable Consequences of Love by Jill Mansell

I have always loved Jill Mansell and her style of writing. Her stories are just so charming and captivating.

This book was no different, literally devouring the story as quickly as I could just to reach the happy ending. I always know what I’m getting with a Mansell novel but sometimes all I want to do is sink into the best romance writer since Disney Princess stories.

Her characters get into your heart and your head and very soon you are living their lives along with them. All too often I get frustrated with all the difficulties that people who are clearly meant to be face throughout the book. I get sad for them when things go wrong, similarly I laugh when they act like idiots and I’m right there rooting for the best man or woman to win.

Everyone needs a happily ever after and everyone needs a light hearted version of a good old fashioned love story. Jill Mansell delivers on this every single time and her books make me happy. They just go to show that finding your happily ever after isn’t always easy, but then again nothing ever is!!

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