Zoo 1&2 by James Patterson

I haven’t read a James Patterson for a bit as they just started to get a bit repetitive, however Zoo always captured my attention. This is a through and through thriller which isn’t usual fair for Patterson so I thought I would give it a whirl.

I was not disappointed, if you want fast paced nail biting action this book is for you, if you aren’t interested in a certain happy ending then this book is also for you. The story picked up pace very quickly and the momentum just kept going, animals are seeking out humans to attack and kill, the world is literally becoming a zoo. Will anyone be able to save the day?

Just when you think a cure has been found the arrogance of Humans has another idea. Followed up by a Bookshot called Zoo2 which continues where the first on finished, it is just as fast paced and eager to follow in the chaos that reigns supreme.

Both books are a fairly easy read and will have you gripped. Definitely a book to get into your head, well worth a read.


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Electric Souk by Rose McGinty

Another one of the free books that I got as a blind date with a book and I have to say it is unlike any other book I have read. It really weaves it’s story into your heart and mind, leaving you to wonder if this is what life might actually be like for people.

Electric Souk is about Irish national Aisling going to Arabia to help with various government issues and to help make political reforms. Everyone she meets isn’t always as they first seem and how quickly things can change, when you are in a country where noone knows who you are.

When the country descends into civil unrest, life for an outsider becomes extremely difficult. Who can she trust and how can she go home when the government is refusing to let her leave?!

A great, truly gripping story. Definitely worth giving it a read.

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No Way Back by Kelly Florentia

Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we choose to decieve. This is what should be the tagline to this book, I certainly wouldn’t class it as the usual romance novel and it only suggests at a happy ending.

When ditched by her fiancĂ© only days before their wedding Audrey’s life seems to spiral out of control. Then she meets Daniel who seems to be great for a healing heart but she is convinced he has a secret!

Bouncing between her new man, her ex and all the others in between can Audrey find her prince charming?

I read this book in three days, it was very literally a page turner. It is so dramatic parceled up in just over 300 pages ensures that nothing drags on for too long. Great read for an alternative romance novel.

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Dead Lands by Lloyd Otis

This book was one I was given as a secret date with a book. I am going to say it was an intriguing read as it is the genre I love but it was very complex.

Part of the main story is fairly straight forward, there has been a murder and it needs solving. That bits fine and dandy, but then there are other officers who just seem to be in the story for causing trouble or keeping secrets. Some of the police officers back story seem to make no mark on the plot at all and just adds to the confusion of characters.

Like I just mentioned there seems to be a hell of a lot of characters and some of them but not all link together, some just appear only to disappear straight afterwards. Then there are characters that are mentioned and never met!

While I like a plot twist and all but I feel the story would have been better if there were fewer characters and once the plot had twisted it explained why and didn’t just finish.

A fairly adequate read for a free book.

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Distress Signals by Catherine Ryan Howard

This book came to my attention as one of my friends had read it an enjoyed previously so I thought I would give it a go. I wouldn’t say I’m going to collect this author now but the book was very enjoyable.

It certainly lived up to its psychological thriller status as it slowly built momentum, you could feel the main character Adam’s frustration over the circumstances in which his girlfriend goes missing. No one wants to believe that something bad has happened but in his heart he knows different and is determined to find out.

There are a few twists and turns along the way but by no means is there a huge plot twist at the end like I kept reading about. If your a lover of thrillers and crime you can probably work out what happend and who was involved fairly easily but it still makes for a great read, this would have been a great holiday book.

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Toys by James Patterson

This is the first Patterson book that I have read in a while. It was a fairly easy and pleasant read but it felt hard to get my teeth into. The story builds up and is a great dystopian thriller but none of the characters really get any meat on their bones, which makes it hard to get fully immersed.

I absolutely adored James Patterson and avidly collected and read his books, suddenly they didn’t hold as much appeal. He always wrote with another author, churning out what felt like hundreds of books a year, going for quantity over quality.

This is a great time killer and easy enough way to pass the time over Christmas when you get those lulls between activity. Worth a quick read if yr a Patterson fan.

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Into the Water by Paula Hawkins

This is the first Paula Hawkins book that I have read and I have to say, it was fairly enjoyable. It takes a while to weave the tale and all the twists and turns can be rather complicated but if you can remain focused and follow the story through all the turns it’s a good read.

Paula spends time on really getting to know most of her characters, or at least their main attributes as the story unfolds. Just when you think you might have the answer another plot twist will knock the story sideways and you will be rethinking everything that’s gone before it.

If you like a slow burner or a book that gets your brain working, this book is for you. It’s not scary but it will get under your skin.

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