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Change of Heart by Jodi Picoult

“Your daughter needs a new heart. The only match comes from a murderer. WHAT WOULD YOU DO?” unfortunately this is the sad truth that June Nealon has to face and the murderer is the man who was convicted of  murdering her daughter and husband.

June has to decide if letting her daughter live is worth the pain of raking over old wounds, but the alternative is losing a second daughter and leaving the past in the past.

This story also centres around Shay Bourne the man sentenced to death eleven years ago for double murder. He has accepted his fate but is convinced that the way to redemption is to offer June’s daughter Claire his heart after his execution, his lawyer Maggie Bloom wants a stay of execution but all Shay wants is to be executed in a manner that will leave his organs viable for transplant thus ensuing a court case to determine the method of death.

This story is about pain, love and belief but most of all it’s about the real reason Shay wants to give his heart to his victim’s family. The book is spellbinding and overwhelming, I also found it sad at times and I found myself feeling sympathy for both June and Shay. Quite often I had more sympathy for Shay.

This book is fantastic and a definite must read!


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The Pact by Jodi Picoult

Jodi Picoult is back on top form with this novel The Pact, it is intense and heartbreaking all at the same time. It also makes me feel angry at some of the main characters, even when no-one knows the truth until the very end, it is hard not to become biased with the emotive way the story is written.

The Pact is a compelling story and like most of Picoult’s books you find yourself thinking about what you would do in the same situation. The book is based on the lives of the Hartes and their next door neighbors the Golds, their children born at the same time are inseparable so when they become more than friends neither family is surprised.

Chris Harte would do anything for the love of his life Emily Gold but just how far is that? When the call comes in from the hospital to say that Emily is dead and Chris is injured both parents think the worst. Chris says it was a suicide pact and they were both ment to die together but he is alive and Emily is dead. What was the truth of that night?

It was a fantastic read and you cannot work out what is going to happen before the story has finished which is even better. There are amazing main characters and emotional twists and turns throughout, I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

“Your son says they both ment to die. But he lived. WHAT WOULD YOU DO?”




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Songs of the Humpback Whale by Jodi Picoult

Songs of the Humpback Whale is Jodi Picoult’s first novel and I have to say that after reading her other brilliant books, like My Sister’s Keeper and Handle with Care among others,  I was disappointed!

The story is told from the perspective of five characters within the book, which to start off with makes the book quite disjointed and hard to settle into. Then as the story starts to come together through each persons narrative, even from a different point of view becomes slightly repetitive. Towards the end of the story I start getting into the book as it all starts coming together properly but by then the book has finished.

I have found all the other Jodi Picoult books that I have read to be really good, interesting and complicated. They actually make you think about what you would do if you was in the same situation as the characters in the story, some of the tales even made me cry!

Hopefully this was just a kind of first novel issue as I have yet to find another like it, so one bad book will not spoil the bunch I definitely suggest reading some of Jodi Picoult’s other work.

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