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All That Remains by Patricia Cornwell

Another fantastically gripping tale by Patricia Cornwell, All That Remains is the third Dr Kay Scarpetta novel and they just keep getting better!

The story is about a killer who is targeting young couples, with four couples dead already the investigation is at a dead-end as Kay can’t determine the cause of death. Suddenly a very prominent woman’s daughter and her boyfriend is murdered and the investigation goes haywire.

With pressure from everyone to find a cause of death Kay is having a hard time, she then learns of the fact that she is being lied to by her close friends and work colleges. The CIA, the FBI and everyone else seem to be keeping crucial information from her. To make matters worse her reporter friend Abby Turnbull becomes deeply involved and is convinced that she is being followed by the FBI as a consequence.

The story is full of twists, lies and deceit from people Kay should be able to trust so who can Kay turn to for trust and honesty……. her trusty police friend and partner Marino who has been with Dr Scarpetta from the start, he even saved her life once.

All That Remains is another fantastically well written story and is a great read if you have a thirst for suspense and accurate scientific knowledge.


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Body of Evidence by Patricia Cornwell

Kay Scarpetta isn’t just a medical examiner, she is a woman who is deeply affected by the death that surrounds her on a daily basis. She wants to know their story, how they lived their life, who loved them, who hated them, how they died and quite often who killed them?

In Body of Evidence a woman is brutally murdered after letting someone into her home late at night, to begin with motive is unclear and there are few suspects. When the only two suspects die the plot thickens!  Scarpetta, along with the police and FBI forensic psychologist tries to determine the who, what, why and how. The plot gets even thicker when Kay learns that prior to her murder Beryl was being harassed, she was also writing a book that could cause trouble for people.

The book has disappeared and Kay is accused of stealing it, thrusting Kay into her own nightmare. The missing book is the least of Kay’s worries as she starts to get harassed by what is thought to be the same person that murdered Beryl.

Can Scarpetta locate the missing book and find her tormentor before he finds her? Thrilling book from start to finish, another thoroughly good read.

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Postmortem by Patricia Cornwell

Meet Dr Kay Scarpetta the chief medical examiner and main character of the book!Postmortem is the very first time that we get to meet Kay and, in my opinion it’s nice to have a crime story where a woman is in a powerful position and the one in charge, not the one who always needs rescuing.

The story whilst being about a gruesome killer seemingly targeting single women, it is also about how some people don’t like the powerful position Kay is in and tries to make her life hell. She has to constantly fight to prove she deserves the position she has.

The book is full of information on specific forensic procedures, this aspect I think is good as it shows that cases take months to solve not hours!! The book also talks about the contamination of evidence and information leaks, this all goes towards the book being exciting and realistic. Whilst I enjoy the style of writing the technical stuff can be a little overwhelming  at times.

Having said this the book is hard to put down, I found I couldn’t as I read it in a day! The story is good because it is realistic and doesn’t feel the need to exaggerate the crimes or the solving of them. Scarpetta is also a wonderful main character and you can’t help but like her.

I recommend giving this book a read and as usual Patricia Cornwell has become one of my collections!

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The Tommyknockers by Stephen King

Stephen King does it again in this 979 page novel!!

I’m not a huge fan of science fiction or the presence of U.F.O’s in the books that I read, but this story isn’t just a U.F.O story. The story is written in such a captivating and horrifically real way that it had me hooked from page one, Aliens were never really mentioned, the story was more about the devastating power of the ship that’s found and how it completely changes and isolates one small American town.

If the residents of Haven try to leave they get very sick and start to hallucinate. During one such hallucination a boy thinks he sees a clown with silver eyes and balloons in its hand peering up from the drain!! Those of you King fans will know that it wasnt an illusion, the clown is Pennywise the child killer from the fantastic book IT. If outsiders try to enter Haven they start to feel ill and are also unwelcome by the Havenites, they are so unwelcome that the people of Haven will readily resort to murder to get rid of them.

Like all good Stephen King books The Tommyknockers is a fantasy story that is so well written it feels like it could be real. It is that aspect of warped reality that make his books one of my favorites.

This is definitely a book for Stephen King lovers! Also if you have never read a Stephen King novel it is a wonderful introductory book into the weird and wonderful world that is King!

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Rose Madder By Stephen King

Another weird and wonderful novel by Stephen King, this story launches into the dark and dangerous world of domestic violence. Whilst showing how horrid and hard it is for someone to live with violence within their relationship King also adds his usual dark and magical twist to the tale.

Rose Madder could be construed as a twisted love story where good triumphs over madness and evil, even if the situation is less than normal! Rose Daniels is religiously beaten by her husband Norman who is fighting a loosing battle with insanity, one day Rose leaves Norman and makes her escape.

As usual the deranged Norman embarks on a journey to find his wife so that he can ‘make her realise she needs him’. As Norman struggles with sanity Rose meets Bill whilst out buying a picture that is hauntingly beautiful. For Bill and Rose it seems to be love at first sight which really lifts the reader’s heart as you come to love Rose’s character.

The picture is more than just hauntingly beautiful and becomes a huge part of Rose’s life. To Rose the picture is just of a strange female standing on a hill, until the picture starts to become extremely lifelike, but surely that’s just Rose’s imagination…….. or is it?!

For people who have read Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series a few words and images within this book are vaguely similar but that to me is just King’s unique style keeping you hooked, book by book. I thoroughly recommend giving Rose Madder a read as it is a very well written book.

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