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Under the Dome by Stephen King


Now a TV series Under the Dome is another acclaimed title in Stephen Kings ever-growing  literary empire. After reading the book, which actually took me a while to read, I might actually check out the TV series. The book took me a while to read, not because I didn’t enjoy it I did it was fantastic but because one I have been a tad busy lately and because some of the characters where so well written that they made me feel so angry that I felt I had to put the book down. I have gotten emotional over many a novel I have read over the years but never have I felt so passionate about killing off one character, I felt genuine hatred for Selectman Jim Rennie and I am sure many of you have felt the same, if not you will do.

So, Under the Dome is a novel about a town that is suddenly cut of from the rest of America by some sort of barrier or force field, no one seems to know. When it happens many people are hurt instantly and others are hurt over time as the situation goes from bad to worse in the hands of the police and Jim Rennie. The usually well-mannered and behaved town are driven by desperation and need all orchestrated for one mans ends! All the rest of America can do is watch in horror/fascination/confusion perhaps all of the above and the US Army can only try all the fire power they have to try to hurt the Dome.

People have to pick sides you are either with the ‘Government’ or you are against it, but woe betide anyone who is against them they might just find themselves having nasty little accidents. Those against the powers that be are fantastic characters, the main ones being Dale Barbara, Rose Twitchel and her brother Twitch, Rusty and Linda Everett, Julia Shumway, Reverend Pipper Libby, Rommie Burpee and many others. There are so many great and so many horrid characters that it would be hard to list them all, however at the start of the book Stephen King has introduced you to most of them he has also included a handy map of the area cut off by the Dome itself.

A great book worth giving the time to, I only hope the TV series has done it justice.

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