Acting Up By Melissa Nathan

Acting Up also known as Pride, Prejudice and Jasmine Field is a wonderfully charming and well written story by author Melissa Nathan. The story line is definitely the modern version of pride and prejudice with the twist that the characters in the book are in a play adaptation of the classic pride and prejudice tale.

This story is heartwarmingly romantic and embarrassingly cringeworthy at times, for me this reflects human life and the story becomes relatable to me on a basic level, one that I understand as many real people have lived through these events within their often disastrous love lives. The story plays out like an updated fairy tale, with handsome, noble men and headstrong, beautiful women who are on the quest for love however treacherous the quest may seem.

The author Melissa Nathan has written five amazingly charming and wonderful romantic stories, all of which I have read and own! I can honestly say that her books are worth a read, especially if your heart needs cheering with a modern fairy story that won’t make you feel ill by being overly romantic.

As I am a collector of authors I like I regularly check out the ones I collect to keep up to date with new works they are publishing and to my astonishment I found that Melissa Nathan wasn’t writing anymore books which was a shock as they were so good. It was then that I found out the sad news that the author of these wonderful books had passed away at a young age in 2006 after losing her battle with cancer. I am so glad I can say that I have read her charming books, please give them a read.

Her other books include:

  • The Nanny
  • The Waitress
  • The Learning Curve
  • Persuading Annie

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