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Toys by James Patterson

This is the first Patterson book that I have read in a while. It was a fairly easy and pleasant read but it felt hard to get my teeth into. The story builds up and is a great dystopian thriller but none of the characters really get any meat on their bones, which makes it hard to get fully immersed.

I absolutely adored James Patterson and avidly collected and read his books, suddenly they didn’t hold as much appeal. He always wrote with another author, churning out what felt like hundreds of books a year, going for quantity over quality.

This is a great time killer and easy enough way to pass the time over Christmas when you get those lulls between activity. Worth a quick read if yr a Patterson fan.

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Into the Water by Paula Hawkins

This is the first Paula Hawkins book that I have read and I have to say, it was fairly enjoyable. It takes a while to weave the tale and all the twists and turns can be rather complicated but if you can remain focused and follow the story through all the turns it’s a good read.

Paula spends time on really getting to know most of her characters, or at least their main attributes as the story unfolds. Just when you think you might have the answer another plot twist will knock the story sideways and you will be rethinking everything that’s gone before it.

If you like a slow burner or a book that gets your brain working, this book is for you. It’s not scary but it will get under your skin.

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The Holy Vible by Elis James and John Robins

This book is a genuine laugh out loud book. From their fantastic pod cast, which developed from their Radio X Saturday show, comes the book that the Bible could have been.

Elis’ Welsh tones and light-hearted badinage, vibes perfectly with the slightly bipolar John. Between them their alphabet of all things John n Elis provide a hilariously funny insight into their lives, their friendship, their Radio show and their entirely made up words, games and radio friendly swears (see glossary of terms).

Once you have had your fill of these two by reading their book and listening to all of their pod casts, then by all means head out to taste their vibe and go to one of their live readings of the book!

I have just been to one of these and their banter is fantastic, they are such nice guys, staying around to sign everyone’s book including mine (humble brag fully intended)!!

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Blood Rites by David Stuart Davies

I was given this book at a festival as part of a blind date with a book, I love being given free stuff, who doesn’t? But when it’s books that’s even better right?

So anyway I begin reading this book with hope and trepidation, I am a massive reader of authors that I know and love, so I was unsure what to expect with a new author. Once I saw it didn’t have very good reviews I was even more worried!

The book isn’t a massively long read, and is in the crime thriller/crime noir genre. However it didn’t build suspense, I worked out the killer after the first murder, characters are not really built up on so I felt no real connection to anyone and the ending was poor, it was like he got fed up of writing the book.

The most shocking part was that it was so poorly written, there were mistakes and bad grammar throughout. On several occasions he changed a character’s name by mistake and then changed it back!! One of the reviews I read said this was her real name Vs her nickname but in a police enquiry and various other professional capacities it would have been mandatory to use her birth name. It’s a poor excuse if you ask me!

While a pleasant enough way to pass the time, I wouldn’t have bothered continuing if the book was any longer than it was and I certainly will not be reading any of his other works.

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