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The Marble Collector by Cecelia Ahern

Such a charming book, it was heart warming and uplifting and definitely brought meaning to the phrase “lost my marbles”.

How do you begin to know someone you thought you knew and who had hidden his true self for so long even he doesn’t know the real him.

For Sabrina this is exactly what happens, her father cannot remeber much of his life so when his belongings arrive at her house it reveals and father she never even knew!

How can Sabrina get to the truth when you cannot ask the only person who knew the truth as he now doesn’t know it either!

A fabulous reminder that not being ourselves hurts not only us but everyone we love and hold dear on our hearts.

This story is full of love, hope, understanding and most of all relearning who the real man is behind all the forgotten memories.

100% worth a read, as with all of Ahern’s books it holds hidden meaning and charm throughout.



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