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The Take By Martina Cole

Martina Cole is an amazing author, she writes hard-hitting stories about the criminal underworld as it really is. She doesn’t sugar coat the story and her plots are often quite dark. The language Martina Cole uses is sometimes difficult to make sense of as she uses cockney rhyming slang which is often hard to decipher, she also uses a lot of swear words which may make readers of a sensitive disposition uncomfortable. However her stories are good and I find them hard to put down once I have started reading one of them.

The Take is a story about the Jackson family who are so deeply entrenched in the criminal underworld that they will seemingly stop at nothing to get what they want, or feel they deserve from life. The story looks at how the wives of these criminals are affected is such a bad way that it starts to affect everyone they come in contact with, it deals with how these criminals deal with traumatic events within their lives, how they deal with family loyalty and respect. It also deals with the fact that they are willing to kill over any minor injustice in order to take what they want, even if that means killing each other.

The story is fast paced and edgy, often wrought with tension from the start. However, even though they are all liars and criminals you can’t help but want there to be a happy ending for some of the people involved. Some of them, well, you get the feeling they got what they deserved!

The Take is also now a television program available to watch on sky1, I myself have not watched it but as everyone knows I prefer my books!

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Acting Up By Melissa Nathan

Acting Up also known as Pride, Prejudice and Jasmine Field is a wonderfully charming and well written story by author Melissa Nathan. The story line is definitely the modern version of pride and prejudice with the twist that the characters in the book are in a play adaptation of the classic pride and prejudice tale.

This story is heartwarmingly romantic and embarrassingly cringeworthy at times, for me this reflects human life and the story becomes relatable to me on a basic level, one that I understand as many real people have lived through these events within their often disastrous love lives. The story plays out like an updated fairy tale, with handsome, noble men and headstrong, beautiful women who are on the quest for love however treacherous the quest may seem.

The author Melissa Nathan has written five amazingly charming and wonderful romantic stories, all of which I have read and own! I can honestly say that her books are worth a read, especially if your heart needs cheering with a modern fairy story that won’t make you feel ill by being overly romantic.

As I am a collector of authors I like I regularly check out the ones I collect to keep up to date with new works they are publishing and to my astonishment I found that Melissa Nathan wasn’t writing anymore books which was a shock as they were so good. It was then that I found out the sad news that the author of these wonderful books had passed away at a young age in 2006 after losing her battle with cancer. I am so glad I can say that I have read her charming books, please give them a read.

Her other books include:

  • The Nanny
  • The Waitress
  • The Learning Curve
  • Persuading Annie

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Cat and Mouse By James Patterson

The killer from the first book is back and this time it’s personal between him and Detective Alex cross! That is the biggest story within Cat and Mouse but it is not the only one, this book is definitely the most fast  paced and exciting one in the series so far with huge story lines to follow.

As I mentioned in my last blog, it seems that Cross may have a love interest. Well it turns out he does but like everything else in Cross’s life is it all to good to last? The entire story of Alex Cross and his lover is heart warming and again makes him seem human because he cares for his family and he is looking for love like everyone wants to.

Sampson is of course there every step of the way helping Cross and protecting Cross’s family. In the biggest twist within the story we finally get to see a softer side of John Sampson, if that doesn’t melt your heart nothing will!

James Patterson’s stories are woven just like a fairy tale, they grab you from the moment you start reading with bated breath for a happy solution to Cross’s problems, however unlike a fairy tale they might not always have a happy ending. I thoroughly recommend giving Cat and Mouse a read as it is full of excitement, drama, romance, a touch of sadness but most of all love for Cross and his family.

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Jack and Jill By James Patterson

The Dragonslayer is back in another brilliantly told story by James Patterson!

Jack and Jill is the third book in the Detective Alex Cross series and it is as good and as well told as the others. This story has a huge core of family love and values running through it, giving you the sense that Cross would do anything for the ones he loves including giving up his own life. The fact that Cross has so many values just makes me as a reader root for a happy ending for the good guys.

This third book is based on ‘jack and Jill’ a killer couple who are stalking and killing celebrities, however the tale of ‘jack and Jill’ is not what it first appears to be. The story is easy to follow even with its different plot twists and angles, gripping you from the first page.

For me the main story within the book is a second killer who is targeting young children from a tough, black neighbourhood in which Cross himself lives. Again it seems that only Detective Cross and Sampson care about the children from the rough area which angers and saddens detective cross. The story highlights what many people feel is true, that while the rich and famous get all the available police help and media coverage needed to catch the killers the rough, black neighbourhood is left to fend for itself leaving the feeling that no one cares.

Alex Cross again finds himself struggling to contain his temper in the face of racism within the police force, leading him into a slight bit of bother! For all his trials and tribulations Cross remains an excellent character.

The story ends on a cliff hanger and maybe a love interest for Cross? To find out the twist that ends Jack and Jill you will have to read it for yourself, as for me I can’t wait to read the next in the series Cat and Mouse to find out what happens!!!

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Kiss the Girls By James Patterson

Kiss the Girls is the second book in the series after Along Came a Spider, while the case is different the character is the same and Detective Alex Cross is just as good as before. In this book he calls himself the dragonslayer which I think is very apt for the way he deals with his cases, each one is personal to him and each case affects him deeply. Of course John Sampson is still around how could I forget him, he is Cross’s partner in crime and best friend after all!

Kiss the Girls makes vague references to the case in the previous book but it is not essential to have read it beforehand, I recommend it though as it is also a good book. Again this book presents a challenge for the Detective as this time two killers are on the loose in America, not only are these to criminals targeting women but they seem to be in competition with one another and are trying to better each others ‘achievements’. The case becomes personal for Alex Cross when the first he learns about the criminals is being informed that someone close to him has gone missing, the books twists and turns enthrall the reader right to the very end, the suspense is also carefully built over time and with each page I found myself waiting for the outcome with fingers crossed.

Throughout the book we again see into the private life of Cross and learn that he is definitely a red-blooded male and that he likes women, however the book doesn’t dwell on the sexual aspects of life for too long this is a crime thriller after all! Detective Alex Cross and his partner are also very determined to solve each case, even if that means breaking the rules sometimes. They are both also a little hot-headed and temperamental but they are defiantly the good guys which just makes them better characters in my mind.

This book has also been turned into a film and Morgan Freeman plays Detective Alex Cross. In my opinion he is very much like how i pictured Cross to be in my mind, a good guy with a world-weary demeanor. The film is good however but it misses out most good bits in the book like…… the second killer for example!!!!

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Along Came a Spider By James Patterson


At the moment I am really into the author James Patterson, most of the books he has written are crime thrillers but he has also ventured into writing teen books. Most of Patterson’s books are roughly 400-500 pages but are really easy to read with short chapters and a good story, many of his books centre on a main character meaning that by the end of the first book you are wanting to read the next as the main character is such a like able person.

In Along Came a Spider we get our first look at detective Alex Cross and his partner John Sampson. While the story is about Cross and Sampson’s fight against crime, they also face the issues of racism within the American police force that they themselves encounter throughout the book. Even though Alex Cross is the main character in this book you find yourself rooting for both him and John Sampson because they are really good guys and show human emotion to the crimes they see instead of hardened detective rubbish.

You also get to look into the private life of Cross who is not only a detective but is also a forensic psychologist giving him the edge, he seems to be the best in the entire police force (well an Sampson’s good too of course)! You also get to meet his family which makes the story more realistic as Cross enters into dangerous situations and his mind thinks about how he and his family would deal with these situations. 

In Along Came a Spider detective Alex Cross is faced with a criminal who may or may not have a multiple personality disorder. The criminal within the book wants be famous and refers to the Lindbergh baby kidnapping often, he refers to this as a case that was sensational and because of his obsession with this case and he attempts his own kidnap attempt on two famous children.

The story was page turning from the moment I started reading right through till I shut the book at the end, with its twists and turns and good characters I strongly recommend giving it a read. If reading is too much like hard work the book was also made into a film, however I can guarantee you that the book will be so much better.

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Hello world!

hello world,

I decided to start my own blog as I am an avid reader and I wanted to share my thoughts with people who enjoy reading too. I collect and read a great many books from romance right through to horror and crime fiction. I even often read non-fiction crime books as I study forensics at university. I hope that everyone who reads my new blog will enjoy it, and i promise whilst giving my thoughts and opinions on a book i will not give away the endings lol.

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