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The Survivor by Sean Slater

So after reading Snakes & Ladders by Sean Slater my husband tells me he has the first book in the Detective Striker series. This pleased me enormously so I got straight to reading it.

I was not disappointed it was another fantastic read, the tension was palpable and for some the the horror was real. I couldn’t put the book down as I along with the detectives wanted to know who was behind a horific crime and why the crime was commited.

I will definatley be getting the other books by Sean Slater as so far his crimes have touched me, his detective makes me happy and the killers always allude me. A must read for all crime fans.


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Snakes & Ladders by Sean SlaterĀ 

This book is my first ever encounter with author Sean Slater and I have to say this read was fantastic. I am pleased to have discovered him and I will definatley be reading more of his books.

Set in Canada which is a nice change for a crime thriller. Snakes & Ladders follows the Vancover homicide detective Striker muddle his way through crimes that are laced with deception, murder and the confusion that is mental illness on a large scale.

For lovers of a crime thriller that you can really sink your teeth into then give Sean Slater a try. For all the twists and turns this read is awesome, well worth a read. 

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