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A Dedicated Man by Peter Robinson

A Dedicated Man is the second DCI Banks novel from Peter Robinson and I have to say, it was thrilling from the start.

In this story a local man is found murdered and DCI Banks is called in to solve the crime. With apparently no enemies and no obvious motive Banks is going to have trouble from the start.

The investigation has Banks questioning all of the victims friends including his wife, still no clues are apparent and Banks is at a dead-end. However one girl may know more than she thinks she does and could be putting herself in grave danger.

Convinced everyone is hiding something Banks pushes the investigation up a gear and still finds himself getting nowhere. Questioning the victim’s friends about the past they all shared ten years ago could be the key to the entire crime, and could also dredge up memories that people would rather stayed hidden.

Peter Robinson has created this story so that everyone is cast under a cloud of suspicion and it isn’t until the very end that the culprit and the motive are made clear, which for me is a really clever way of keeping the story alive and full of suspense. A great book, definitely worth a read.


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Gallows View by Peter Robinson

This book is Peter Robinson’s first book, this is where we meet the infamous DCI Alan Banks. He is such a good character that he now has his own TV series where the books are adapted for TV. I’ve not seen it but if they are anything like the books then it will be a good series.

This first book introduces the main characters such as Banks, his wife Sandra, his police partner Hatchley and the pretty police psychologist Jenny. The story surrounds a Yorkshire police force and the lives of those police.

Gallows View sees Banks trying to find a peeping tom that is peeping on all the blonde women in the village and thieves that are robbing old ladies homes. As the cases progresses Banks finds that the perpetrators of these crimes maybe closely linked.

This is a good first book, it’s not too long or overly confusing but it is good and quite intriguing. Peter Robinson is definitely one to read.

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Scandalous By Tilly Bagshawe

Another great book from Tilly Bagshawe, it has everything you would want from a story. It has heroes and enemies, deceit, revenge, sex, love, hate and happiness.

The main characters are some idiot called Theo Dexter, I didn’t like him from the start and he doesn’t get any friendlier over time in fact he made me angry, Sasha Miller, the victim shall we say and a very vengeful woman I thought she was great, and Theo’s poor wife Theresa at the beginning I thought she was a bit of a pushover but I found I really enjoyed her character.

There are many other characters that play a vital part in the story but I cannot mention them all, needless to say the other characters are quite likeable people.

The main plot is set around the fact that Theo Dexter is a college professor and abuses his authority to sleep with as many women as he can, however he picked to wrong woman to walk all over when he ruins Sasha Millers prospects as a physicist at the college. She might have been ruined but one way or another Sasha Miller will get revenge on the man she once loved.

The story is great from the beginning it is full of tension and hope, at some stages it seems a little predictable but that’s not always a bad thing, I often like my romance novels to be easy to follow not confusing with too many plot lines. I leave that for the crime novels I read!

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Showdown By Tilly Bagshawe

Another good book from Tilly Bagshawe, it is exciting, dramatic, frustrating and romantic in equal proportion.

In the story I found that it was clear who were the good characters and who were the bad, Bagshawe made some of the characters really easy to hate. This made the story really frustrating at times because you knew in your mind how you wanted the story to pan out but it seemed to take forever to get there, however that frustration also made the final conclusion that much sweeter.

Showdown is about the world of horse racing and American cowboys. It is about one cowboy in particular, Bobby Cameron and one horse rider Milly Lockwood Groves. The story shows of their budding romance, their huge falling out, bitter friendships and rivalries and various lovers throughout the story.

There are  other central characters who  you fall equally in love with and hope that they too get the happy ending that they deserve after all they have been through.

This book is definitely worth a read if you want a dramatic story about a love that just won’t quit no matter what its been through, about the price of fame and how far will people go to achieve it and at what cost to everything they love and cherish?

Great story from the start.

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