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(Big) Little Lies by Liane Moriarty

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This is another book that I have been asked to review for RealReaders, it is due for commercial release on the 31st July 2014 and I have to say, you should definitely pre-order your copy today!!

This book is fantastic, it’s dark and gritty, also it has a wealth of characters that are just great. Everyone tells lies, little everyday ones or huge brooding weight of the world ones, sometimes because they are afraid, sometimes because they are being brave and just sometimes because they feel things may just be their own fault.

Little Lies delves into the depths of domestic violence, childhood bullying and extremely gossipy and opinionated parents without being to dramatic and heavy going, do not get me wrong it does not make light of these scenarios either. You start the book with the details of an incident at the school trivia night and the police end up being called, the story then changes to the police interview with everyone giving you the what and the where but not the who or the why. As the book unfolds you learn of the main characters lives and what kind of person they are and what type of lives they lead, slowly through story telling and interview style writing the whole sordid story is told from beginning to its fatal conclusion.

The book looks at the fact that everyone has their secrets but knowing who to trust with your darkest ones can be hard and painful, and people may come across as completely different people because of the lies they tell to protect their secrets. Agreat read for lovers of a novel you can sink your teeth into, I have to say I enjoyed it immensely.

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1ST to Die by James Patterson


I am a huge fan of James Patterson so it is inevitable that I would collect/hoard all his books including one of his other series The Women’s Murder Club. Obviously from the title it is the first one in the series and the rest of the series follows in a similar numerical suite.

The book introduces Homicide Inspector Lindsay Boxer, as the only woman in homicide at San Fransisco PD she has to be one hell of a strong woman, however nothing has prepared her for the Honeymoon Murders. Struggling to find the murderer and suffering with her own personal life Lindsay does the only thing she can do and invents the Women’s Murder Club by turning to three equally strong women, Claire, Cindy and Jill. Between them they have all angles covered, police, coroner, journalist and attorney and there seems to be nothing they cannot do!

Follow these four women and a few other characters along the way as they solve the Honeymoon Murders with genius and margaritas. definitely a great read for readers who like great female characters.

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