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Rumour Has It by Jill Mansell

Yet another great read from Jill Mansell, Rumour Has It is comical, emotional and captivating in every turn of the page.

Following the life of main character Tilly Cole. She lands a job in the town her best friend Erin lives in after finding herself newly single, she is going to be a Girl Friday for Max and his daughter Lou. Everyone has their own issues, especially Max’s ex wife Kaye who lives in Hollywood as an actress and finds herself accused of something she didn’t do!

Then Tilly meets, the handsome, the sexy, the charming and the seemingly irresistible Jack Lucas. Tilly cannot help but feel instantly attracted to him and thinks he feels the same, she is not sure however when everyone she mentions him to warns her of his reputation as a “ladies man”.  With all the gossip around the small town it soon seems as though Jack has slept with every woman who lives there, could Tilly ever trust a man like that?

Unfortunately for Tilly maybe gossip is just that idle gossip and exaggerations but how will she ever find out, and if she does find out one way or the other will she like the truth any better? Can Jack persuade Tilly that he is serious about her before it’s too late?

This book is gripping from the start and a great bedtime, beach time or any time read as it’s uncomplicated and fun. I would recommend giving this one a go, you might find yourself just as hooked on Jill Mansell as I am!!

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Open House by Jill Mansell

Another great read from the great author Jill Mansell, it was so good in fact that I read all 438 pages in just three days. The story is captivating from the very beginning and the main characters are charmingly funny and annoying in equal measure.

Open House is a great story full of romance which is sometimes hilariously funny and sometimes quite sad. The stories main character is Nell O’Driscoll and the Lord of Kilburton castle, Marcus Kilburton is close second.

From a young age Nell has been told that a gypsy family like hers will never be good enough for a well to do family like the Kilburtons but even they find it hard to ignore when the chemistry between them  is so strong, what will they do and could they ever overcome his families standing.

Nell also has a terribly guilty and sad past that refuses to leave her alone to be happy, her friend Hetty is too nice to exact revenge on her ex husband and his mistress, Marcus Kilburton’s sister is such a snob even though she might not be as entitled as she would like to think and all the other characters have a various array of dramas to deal with!!

Such a great read, it just highlights the fact that love, no matter who your are or what your background can conquer all. Defiantly worth a read, you won’t be disappointed.

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The One You Really Want by Jill Mansell

The One You Really Want is a fantastic read from Jill Mansell, it is charming and funny and romantic and above all else it is easy to read. I have read tons of Jill Mansell books and they are all great reads so I was pleased that this one was no exception.

The story has a cast of colourful characters from Connor, the sexy Irish next door neighbour, Nancy the woman whose husband brought her a lawn mower for christmas after buying his mistress jewellery, Mia who is determined to interfere in her dads love life, Rennie a huge rock star but a softie at heart and Carmen the woman who gave up on love the day her husband died. There are many more amazing characters that make this book so good, fast paced and funny.

All these characters end up converged in a posh area called Fitzallen Square and all I can say is, is that place see plenty of exciting stuff. The place to be for gossip, misunderstandings and romance is Fitzallen Square!

This book is a great read, it’s not too long at 470 pages, but within those pages is a book that made me smile and what more could anyone want from a book.

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About Last Night by Adele Parks

I need you to say that I was with you”

What would you do if your best friend of over thirty years, who helped you when everything in your life seemingly went wrong at once and who would do anything for you, asked you to lie to the police for her?!

This is exactly the situation that Steph puts her best friend Pip in when for once she is the one who needs help. After all that these friends had done for each other and been through together, Pip thought she would do anything for Steph, until she was asked to lie to the police.

Without offering an explanation to why Pip needs to lie to the police can she really lie to people when it could get her in trouble, also on the other hand could she betray her best friend when she seems to really need help. It’s the biggest decision that Pip needs to face.

With their roles reversed and Steph’s world about to fall apart, Pip’s world is getting increasingly better. Without being able to celebrate her new successes can Pip be there for her friend who once had everything Pip had always wanted.

With a family harbouring more than one secret, can Steph keep it together for everyone’s sake or will her nice family unit come crashing down. How far will Pip go for her best friend?

About Last Night is a wonderful gritty book, that is dramatic and heartwarming and at times makes you angry and a tad jealous of some of the characters lives. It is another fantastic book from Adele Parks, definitely worth a read.

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Game Over by Adele Parks

Game Over by Adele Parks is a fantastically charming, funny and sad novel. It’s also a fantastic read from start to finish, it has only 374 pages so the story is quite fast paced but great because it doesn’t go off on unnecessary descriptive tangents.

Cas Perry doesn’t believe in love and romance ever since her father left her mother when she was just a little girl, she spends her life being ruthless in business and not much nicer when it comes to men. Her best friends are convinced she cannot be the ice maiden she claims to be but are unfortunately inclined to believe her.

The development of her new show called Sex with An Ex came about because Cas believes infidelity and upset are par for the course with any marriage, that was until she meets Darren.

Darren is the star of Game Over and Cas cannot escape these strange new feelings she is having towards him. He is loveable, honest and kind and Cas thinks he must be too good to be true but is he?

By the time Cas begins to understand her new feelings for the lovely Darren will it be too late for them as a couple? You will just have to read the book and find out. Another fantastic book from Adele Parks.

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