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The 9th Girl by Tami Hoag


Another great find at the local library, I had heard good things about the crime books that Tami Hoag writes so I thought I would look one up instead of buying one. I have to say that I wasn’t disappointed by the outcome, the book isn’t as fast paced as some of the thrillers I have read before but it makes up for that with the detail and the great plot.

The 9th Girl is about a serial killer abducting girls when the opportunity arrises and dumping them wherever takes their fancy. On New Years eve another girl is found at the scene of an accident and Homicide Detectives Kovac and Liska think that this must be the work of their serial killer. However things aren’t always as they seem and as the case progresses Detective Liska realises that her son may have known the missing/murdered girl and that there seems to be something that everyone keeps covering up!

Can Kovak and Liska solve the mystery of missing girl Penny Gray whilst also identifying the Jane Doe in their morgue, dealing with parental issues and office politics this book grabs you from the beginning. A great read over the christmas period on a cold winters night.


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88 Killer by Oliver Stark


This book is amazing, one of the best thrillers I have read in a long time. I owe this experience to the library, I had forgotten what treasure troves they where for sourcing new books or unknown authors. 88 Killer is the second book out of three for author Oliver Stark and if this one is anything to go by the other two must be great reads too!

I won’t be giving much of a description into the book as part of reading it is to discover the hatred, sadistic and cleverness behind the 88 Killer, Detective Tom Harper teams up with psychologist Denise Levene to try to catch the killer by getting into his frame of mind. The novel is quite graphic and does include some religious bias which I thought made it an eye opener to the atrocities that people commit in the name of religion and power.

The killer has no intention of stopping unless he is caught so can Harper and Levene catch him before it’s to late and many more people have been killed. The 88 Killer is captivating from the start and well worth a read, I also suggest going to borrow it from your local library as they are being neglected and closed down.

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