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The Unpredictable Consequences of Love by Jill Mansell

I have always loved Jill Mansell and her style of writing. Her stories are just so charming and captivating.

This book was no different, literally devouring the story as quickly as I could just to reach the happy ending. I always know what I’m getting with a Mansell novel but sometimes all I want to do is sink into the best romance writer since Disney Princess stories.

Her characters get into your heart and your head and very soon you are living their lives along with them. All too often I get frustrated with all the difficulties that people who are clearly meant to be face throughout the book. I get sad for them when things go wrong, similarly I laugh when they act like idiots and I’m right there rooting for the best man or woman to win.

Everyone needs a happily ever after and everyone needs a light hearted version of a good old fashioned love story. Jill Mansell delivers on this every single time and her books make me happy. They just go to show that finding your happily ever after isn’t always easy, but then again nothing ever is!!

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Zoo 1&2 by James Patterson

I haven’t read a James Patterson for a bit as they just started to get a bit repetitive, however Zoo always captured my attention. This is a through and through thriller which isn’t usual fair for Patterson so I thought I would give it a whirl.

I was not disappointed, if you want fast paced nail biting action this book is for you, if you aren’t interested in a certain happy ending then this book is also for you. The story picked up pace very quickly and the momentum just kept going, animals are seeking out humans to attack and kill, the world is literally becoming a zoo. Will anyone be able to save the day?

Just when you think a cure has been found the arrogance of Humans has another idea. Followed up by a Bookshot called Zoo2 which continues where the first on finished, it is just as fast paced and eager to follow in the chaos that reigns supreme.

Both books are a fairly easy read and will have you gripped. Definitely a book to get into your head, well worth a read.

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