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The Girlfriend by Michelle Frances

Well how can I describe this book without giving anything away, it is a fantastic read and I devoured it in three days. Thats the fastest I’ve read anything in a while.

This book makes it so subtle yet so clear that something just isn’t right throughout the story, the drama and the way the tension grows had me feeling physically nervous at times.

The book certainly lives up to it’s description, it is most definitely a psychological thriller. At times it had me suspicious, worried, angry and nervous but mostly it actually sent chills up my spine and I was scared for the characters.

The issue starts when a new girlfriend comes between Daniel and his mother, their relationship is fairly tight and she is very protective of her son even if he is an adult! His new girlfriend isn’t sure she likes this relationship and tries to put her own stamp on Daniel. When things start to go wrong who will be believed as the victim, the controlling mother or the controlling girlfriend? Its hard to decide when neither is completely innocent!

I know I always say it but this is a 100% must read for all book lovers out there.

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Gravity by Tess Gerritsen

Yet again Tess Gerritsen does not disappoint, this book is all about space travel and the international space station, it also plays on a persons biggest fear….what if we are not alone in the universe and what if they are hostile beings?!

This book does contain a lot of NASA acronyms but there is a full glossary of terms at the back. All the jargon just shows how real the story seems and the research that went into the book. Without these terms the story would fall flat and just become a two dimensional tale, rather than a book to get caught up in.

The idea that people aboard the international space station are at the mercy of ground control is a problem in itself but put in a deadly illness, the likes of which has never been seen before we have major problems. How can the guys be saved without risking the lives of the people on earth and how can an emergency rescue mission take place when it takes days to get there from earth?

This story is gripping from the start and on more than a few occasions will have you with a lump in your throat. As usual I fully recommended this book and most of Tess Gerritsen’s books, and if I haven’t recommended it yet it’s because I haven’t read it!

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