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Sing You Home by Jodi Picoult


Right first and foremost I would like to get my only gripe about this book off my chest so here goes, Sing You Home is supposed to be accompanied by a musical element. I thought this was a strange and unique idea, basically each chapter is accompanied by a piece of music all the reader has to do is look up the chapter on a specific website or scan the QR code next to the chapter in order to listen to the relevant piece while reading. unfortunately for me in the five days it took me to read the book not a single piece of music worked, every time I went to the website I was just told “sorry there was an error with your request”. So my basic gripe is if as an author you are trying to do something different it might be an idea to make sure it works whenever readers what to try it.

Ok so that little rant over I have to say this is yet another good book from Picoult, she writes What would you do? type books where the beginning of the story poses the dilemma and the rest of the book tries to figure it out or solve it the best way possible. Most of her books also end in court at some point enabling the reader to see both sides of the argument at once. The stories are highly evocative and evoke emotions within me that I didn’t know I had.

Obviously which way you take the book depends on the readers outlook in the first place so for me Sing You Home, about an ex-wife becoming a lesbian and wanting babies and an ex husband who has discovered religion and claims that on the grounds of being gay his ex-wife is an unfit mother. I am not a very religious person so the religious rantings that kept happening really started to annoy me and the fact that the church also felt it was ok to lie to get what they wanted, even in a court of law. Throughout this book I was very much on the side of the same-sex couple who I believe should be allowed to love, to marry and to procreate with each other, I am very much on the side of equal rights for same-sex couples but this book really highlighted how many people still are not!

Sing You Home is a great read, a little slow to pick up pace but that may have been the long chapters. Definitely worth a read, it certainly makes you think about what you would do and how you would feel in that given situation.

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Until you’re Mine by Samantha Hayes



This was a fantastic read, I could not put it down. The pages literally turned themselves as I couldn’t read it fast enough, it took me just two days to read all 408 pages.

There is not really much I am willing to tell you as I am not willing to give anything away, all you need to know is that with this book nothing is ever as you expect it. I was totally enchanted by the way the story was written, it definitely lead me down the wrong path which is obviously the intention of the writer, but to do it so well that it wasn’t until the end that I suspected that something might have been amiss.

The book was recommended to me by both my sister and my mum, who after reading it suggested that it would be a really good book for me to read as I quite like this new genre, the psychological thriller which at the moment seems to be taking the literary world by storm.

I have to say for any lover of a thriller this is the best book to read right now.

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Thinking of You by Jill Mansell


Another great read from Mansell, the characters of this book are so well-developed that as a reader I felt like I actually knew them as people. I felt their pain, their happiness, their exasperation and I also felt anger and joy on their behalf.

The main characters of the book are: Ginny Holland, her daughter Jem, her best friend Carla, her ex husband Gavin , and new love interests Perry and Finn who all stumble through the story of misunderstandings, humorous accidents, betrayal and love to hopefully find their way to that happy ending for everyone.

With her daughter Jem away at university, Ginny has to find something else to do with all this free time she suddenly has so she finds herself a job, a lodger and a new relationship with the handsome Perry.

Is Perry too good to be true? and should Ginny be looking for love a bit closer to home…….Finn her new boss is very attractive!!

This book is a great feel good read, it’s an uncomplicated romance that is fantastic for anyone who is an avid reader of romance and chick lit novels. This one is well worth the read.

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To the Moon and Back by Jill Mansell


A fantastic read that will have you nearly in tears, not just through sadness but with frustration and happiness too. The book is a beautiful romance novel which centers around the grief Ellie Kendall faces when she tragically looses her husband.

Ellie, fed up with being treaded differently by everyone after her husband dies, she decides to move house and change job. Meeting new people and reconnecting with people from her past help Ellie to recover the life that stopped when the accident happened. She also discovers that she isn’t the only person with a secret to keep and that unfortunately everyone’s secrets will be outed.

This is a charming read about a woman whose life was altered dramatically, at the beginning for the worse possible reason but by then end possibly not so much. Grief is hard to deal with but this book shows that getting past that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Great romantic read from Mansell, I read this one in three days.

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Nadia Knows Best by Jill Mansell


Nadia Knows Best is a cracking novel from Jill Mansell, from the outset it’s funny, charming, sad and romantic all rolled into this great book. It’s all a really easy to read book, a genuinely romantic book that is uncomplicated and easy to understand. I am a huge fan of all Jill Mansell’s works of fiction.

The main story is about the trials and tribulations of Nadia Kinsella and her family. The book leads us through their everyday lives, their loves, their hates, their troubles and their mistakes! Nadia comes across as quite the all rounder where as her sister Clare is so easy to dislike throughout most of the book and Tilly the youngest seems quite sweet and naive.

The story had me laughing along with them in this great story of will they won’t they? And when I say will they won’t they I mean Nadia and love interest Jay Tiernan, who meet right at the start of the book whilst stranded in a snow storm, however it takes until the end of the story for Nadia to decide what she wants…….. Jay or boyfriend Laurie!

Fans of romance will just have to read the book  to find out who Nadia chooses in the end. A great bedtime read, praise again for Jill Mansell.

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Nemesis by Jo Nesbo


Another great read from Jo Nesbo, what can I say other than this book is so complicated and well written that it didn’t take me long to read the 697 pages of story. Yes the story is extremely complex but who in all honesty wants their crime novel to be simple, simplicity is for romance novels.

Again the main character is none other than my good old messed up detective Harry  Hole. This time he is back on his home turf in Norway trying to solve the mystery of a bank robber and murderer, whilst trying to keep himself out of trouble when an ex lover of his turns up dead and he was the last man to see her alive……or is he? Harry’s problem is that on the night in question he has completely blacked out and cannot remember anything.

Nemesis follows on after The Redbreast but it could be read as a stand alone novel, if the reader doesn’t mind events being refered to that won’t make any sense. This is a great read, not only did it capture my imagination it also held my concentration throughout the entire book which is often had to do.

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Cockroaches by Jo Nesbo


Cockroaches is the second book in the Detective Harry Hole series, however along with The Bat it was one of the last ones to be translated to english. In my opinion these where the last two because they take place in different countries, as it seems the other Hole books are also part of the Oslo series which is where they are all set.

This book is a great read, it is about the original maverick detective in my opinion. Harry Hole gets results even though he is an alcoholic a drug taker and a blatant ignorer of the rules, Hole also like the ladies. He is a good main character for me as he isn’t the typical hero, he gets his man every time but not with the fairytale ending of most books, throughout the book people get hurt or killed, including Harry Hole which makes him a good character.

Again in Cockroaches Harry faces the murder of a Norwegian Ambassador in Bangkok, officials want it solved quickly as he was found dead in a brothel but once Harry is sent to investigate he will cover every angle, even if it shows a series of cover ups, pedophiles, corruption and general skullduggery on the part of some important people. Hole cares only about catching the bad guy regardless of who he upsets, this book is a good read from start to finish.

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