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Scarlet Women by Jessie Keane

The third Annie Carter book in my opinion is the best yet. It has suspense, drama, mystery, crime, murder and love among many other interesting facets. Annie is still a quick-tempered but fragile woman trying to make her way as a boss in a male dominated world, all her workers seem to look down at her and all her enemies think she will be easy to get rid of. If only getting rid of Annie Carter would be that easy.

In Scarlet Women a good friend of Annie’s is murdered and the husband is taking the blame, as usual Annie is not going to just stand by and let that happen when she knows in her heart that the husband is innocent.  Also where would a Jessie Keane book be without the gang rivalry between the Carters and the Delaneys, only this time American gangster Constantine Barolli is involved and he is more powerful than either gang put together. Mr Barolli however has a bit of a soft spot for our hard-headed and stubborn Annie.

Will anything develop between these two, will Annie ever reveal the true murderer and will she ever manage to stop the Delaneys and gain the full respect of her boys? Give this great book a read to find out for yourself!!!

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Black Widow by Jessie Keane

Black Widow is the second thrilling book in the series that follows Annie Bailey or should I say Annie Carter!

In the first novel we saw Annie become a London madam and fall in love with her sister’s husband, in this novel Annie is now Mrs Carter and they have a lovely daughter together. They also left the life in London and set up in Majorca, everything seems perfect and normal for a while, but it wouldn’t be a Jessie Keane novel if something didn’t happen to the blissfully happy couple.

The Carters may have left the gangster life but the life certainly remembers them as they have left many enemies behind, surely they will not be allowed to disappear without repercussions. While in Majorca a group of villans target the Carters and in the blink of an eye Annie’s husband Max is gone and so is their daughter Layla. Left alone to deal with everything can Annie hold it together enough to meet the demands of the kidnappers or does Annie Carter do what a Carter would do best and seek immediate revenge.

As the plot of the story twists and turns through what remains of Annie’s life we learn that the kidnapping may not be as random as she first thought and the people she thought she could count may in fact be more foe than friend. The story is captivating from the very start and you know if the story involves Annie Carter then it’s going to be an exciting book.

I definitely recommend you read these books, you could read Black Widow as a stand alone novel as it still makes sense but the series is definitely better as it takes you deeper into the heart of each character. I myself am just about to make a start on the third in the series Scarlet Woman.

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Dirty Game by Jessie Keane

If you like Martina Cole you will definitely like the way that Jessie Keane writes her books, then again even if you have never read Cole you will like Jessie Keane. Her books are 550 pages of drama, good plot twists and storylines, from the prologue I was intrigued as to what was going on and was hooked from that point on.

Dirty Game is the first of a series of books in which we follow a character called Annie Bailey, in this book we follow her as she makes her way through the difficult life that is gangland London, her love for her sister’s husband, becoming a notorious London madame and an admirer from her lover’s rival gang.

Not only do we follow Annie in this story we follow two main rival gangs called the Carters and the Delaneys. Throughout the story you find out that it’s not just the rival gangs you have to watch out for it’s your own jealous family as well. There are killings and revenge killings on both sides of these gangs but as you get further into the story things might be closer to home than any of the gangs think.

So with jealous siblings, jealous lovers, snitching, prostitutes, alcoholics and lovers this books is exciting from the start right till the very end. I can’t wait to start the next book in the series Black Widow. I strongly recommend giving Jessie Keane a try, I did and now she is one of the authors I collect.

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Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith

Another spellbinding book from author Seth Grahame-Smith, mixing the truth with fable in such a way that makes his stories a really good read. After reading and enjoying Pride, Prejudice and Zombies by the same author I felt compelled to read Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter as well, and I am so glad I did.

Grahame-Smith takes a well documented story and makes slight changes within it, for example within this story the gangs of New York were actually fighting factions of vampires. The blood countess Elizabeth Bathory, a woman who killed many people in real life was of course turned into a vampire by her female lover, and the American civil war was fought by vampires and humans alike. Also the famous Lincoln assassin Jonathan Wilkes Booth was of course a vampire, which is only fitting seeing as Abe himself was an infamous vampire slayer.

There are many other classic books that have been adjusted in this way and in my opinion it takes nothing away from the original. If anything it encourages people to read the classic, who maybe wouldn’t have before. These books are a fantastic piece of whimsical writing, and you never know if vampires and zombies did exist maybe the classics would have been written like this in the first place!!!

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50 Shades of Grey Trilogy by E.L James

Yes I know I jumped on the 50 Shades band wagon too, I couldn’t help it. As an avid reader of everything I had to know why everyone was getting so worked up by these three books. I also did it for you guys, the people who read and follow my blog I thought maybe you would like my opinion on 50 Shades of Grey. It’s a lame excuse I know but I’m sticking with it!

I enjoyed the books in general yes they are full of sex on nearly every page and yes Mr Christian Grey is Dominant to say the least, but I didn’t think the stories were that well written. When the books launched people either went mad for the sex or went mad for the way Grey treated women but in my opinion no one has that amount of sex, especially when pregnant and in that style lol, and the way he treated women was nothing that they hadn’t signed up for.

All that changes when Christian Grey meets Anastasia Steele and the book turns in to an erotic love story. Christians childhood was horrific and Ana is helping him through that and trying to convince him that he is lovable and doesn’t need all the weird kinky stuff, well the painful kinky stuff anyway!! That aspect of the book I enjoyed and the love between the two of them was good but there was no need of the extra drama at all between the Grey’s and a man named Jack Hyde. Also I found that the chapter at the end called meet Mr Grey was quite disappointing, it would have been a good chapter if it had continued the way it had started with Christian as a little boy but it doesn’t it goes on to literally repeat a chapter from the first book but from his point of view, making it utterly pointless.

These books are a good summer read for an erotic trashy novel but I don’t think they will ever become my favorite.

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