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The Dark Half By Stephen King

Stephen King is definitely the leader when it comes to writing books about the strange, the paranormal and  the down right creepy! His books are amazing because of their unique twist on reality and the creativity that must dwell in his mind to create such stories whilst still making them hauntingly real and captivating.

I have read many of King’s books and found that they are quite chilling, from the moment you start reading you are hooked and as the story moves along you are sucked into this paranormal universe that King has created. I found myself believing whole heartedly in the events occurring within the pages of the book, I get scared for the characters I like and I cry when things go wrong to these same characters. Some of his books are so realistic I cannot read them before bed, even so I have to keep reading them!

The Dark Half is about an author who has created books under both his own name Thad Beaumont and a pseudonym George Stark, little does Thad know Stark might be more realistic than he thought. When the only people who know who George Stark really is start to get murdered Thad is the only one the police suspect, it is up to Thad to convince the police otherwise. Thad has a horrid suspicion he knows who the murderer is, but how can he prove something so illogical and crazy without sounding guilty?

All Thad is sure of is that ‘the Sparrows are flying again’!!

In order to find out what the last sentence means and to learn of the outcome of Thad’s life you will have to read the book, alternatively you could watch the film. As usual I have not watched this as I believe the books paints a brilliant picture by its self with great plot twists and beautiful writing.


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The Time of My Life By Cecelia Ahern

This book is a great book once you get into it, the way Cecelia writes is different from other authors as she puts a unique twist into her stories. The Time of My Life for example is a story about a woman who gets an appointment to meet her life, to start off with she tries to ignore it thinking that there is nothing wrong with her life, it’s not until she meets her life (an actual person) that she realises how wrong she is.

This story follows her journey along the road that is her life, he helps her to fix the lies, the heartbreak and hopefully the new blossoming romance along the way. Once you get used to life being an actual person the story is very good and actually quite poetic in a sense that if we could all see what we were doing to our lives would we change or carry on, on the path we were already on.

To start off with the fact that Lucy lies about everything got a bit confusing as you were reading a whole page to find at the bottom the words “ok I lied”, you then get used to that too because you come to understand why she does it and how once she started to lie she couldn’t stop.

The book was still a very good book and once you get used to the different style of story telling the story becomes quite beautiful and well written. I have read all of Cecelia Ahern’s books and they are all brilliant but different, my favorite is still however PS I LOVE YOU !!!

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All for You By Sheila O’Flanagan

I have said this for all the previous Sheila books I have blogged about but I am going to say it again, this book is both heartwarming and heartbreaking in equal measure. This story focuses on the relationship between Lainey and her feminist mother Deanna.

Having been brought up by her grandmother Madeleine and grandfather Edmund, Lainey doesn’t have a very good relationship with Deanna, especially as they have spent most of their lives worlds apart. Leaving Lainey in Ireland with her parents Deanna goes to America to follow her feminist dream, because of this Lainey believes she is a disappointment to her mother for wanting that happy ever after that Deanna herself has fought so hard against.

Lainey is unlucky in love and on some level blames her mother, Deanna has closed her heart to love and blames Lainey’s father but are either of them really that different from each other deep down? The story highlights the rocky relationship between mother and daughter and also between daughter and most of the men in her life.

The book itself has a unique aspect to it as well, each chapter starts with  a word and its meaning about the weather wich I found quite cool and informative. I presume the reason behind this idea is because Lainey herself in the story is a weather girl and meteorologist, meaning that every aspect of the weather fascinates her.

In my opinion this story is about a girl who only wants to be loved because deep down she felt abandoned by her mother and father. This book is worth a read, especially if you want to find out if Lainey and Deanna can ever find happiness together as mother and daughter!!!


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Stand by Me By Sheila O’Flanagan

Stand By Me is an absolutely heart wrenching story  in my mind and is beautifully written. I was captivated from the first page and as the main character Dominique or Domino goes through high points and very low points I found myself feeling angry and upset for her.

The story follows Dominique throughout her life, from being an ugly duckling to a beautiful adult who seems to have everything she wants in life until everything she has grown used to comes crashing down around her. As her life changes for the worst Domino needs to change with it in order to make a living and keep her family together.

When everything goes wrong Domino is an innocent victim but everyone is happy to blame her and you learn who her true friends are. The story makes the reader angry with the injustice and the heartbreak of it all, even though the book still manages to be heart warming romantic and nice.

Throughout the story as Dominique learns to be stronger and faces every day as it comes she comes to realise that the life she had wasn’t necessarily one she wanted, so when everything erupts a second time is Dominique strong enough to stand up for what she feels is right for her?

This Sheila O’Flanagan book is full of love and heartbreak. It such a captivating read from start to finish that I recommend that everyone gives it a read, it is a perfect holiday book!!


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A Season to Remember By Sheila O’Flanagan

This story is wonderfully heart warming and charming from the very first page. A Season to Remember is a story about the Sugar Loaf Lodge  in the Irish hillside, and is set around everyone’s favorite/worst season…. christmas!

The story is told chapter by chapter from each of the different rooms and guests at the hotel which to me is more intimate as you look into the characters story with them. The hotel is charming and the guests are lovely, each miniature story has a sense of hard times and sadness but through it all happiness and romance at such a magical time.

The guests at the Sugar Loaf Lodge are treated with a fantastically magical christmas experience, but will each of the characters get their christmas wish? Well you will have to read this great book to find out for yourselves.

Sheila O’Flanagan has written several other books that are set in Ireland and tell of heartbreak, love, sadness and romance. Her stories are the happy ever after that leaves you with a smile on your face and a warm feeling in your heart. Sheila is of course one of the authors I collect and I have loved every one of her books that I have read and this one is no different.

A Season to Remember is one of the shortest of Sheila’s books at only 372 pages but it doesn’t make the story any less spell binding. Once you read the first page it will have you hooked, high praise for Sheila O’Flanagan’s brilliantly romantic books!!!

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Dangerous Lady By Martina Cole

Dangerous Lady has to be my favorite Martina Cole novel by far!

The story is filled as usual with criminals and corrupt police officers but it is laced with the sad life story of Maura Ryan. She is the youngest and only girl in a family of criminals, at a young age her brothers are taught by their father how to scam and steal. Eventually the boys of the family become criminal king pins owning and controlling most of london and the people who live in it.

Maura only ever wanted to be loved by her family and become a wife and mother, however when tragedy befalls her and her family she becomes her eldest brother Michael’s right hand woman. Together they rule the criminal fraternity!

While the story is based on criminal activity it is also full of betrayal and heartbreak, and in my view this story has a lovely romantic note throughout and I found myself hoping for a happy ending for Maura after all the heartbreak she has endured within the book.

This book is full of exciting twists and turns from the very beginning and keeps you hooked until the book is finished, but like I said before some of the rhyming slang is difficult to interpret and this book is no different from the rest! Looking past that however the book is still a brilliant read.

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Hard Girls By Martina Cole

Hard Girls is a good book and the story is extremely intense from the start. Again the language used is strong and the rhyming slang sometimes takes me a while to work out, other than that the book is well written.

The story this time is about the tough lives of police officers who work really hard to solve serial killer murders, it shows how much more difficult it is because both the detectives are women so they have to work extra hard just to be listened to by their male colleagues. The story also has the sad fact that these women find it hard to have or maintain a life outside of work as the crimes seem to take over their lives from the moment it happens until the moment its solved.

The serial killer they are dealing with in the book commits utterly brutal murders on working girls (prostitutes or brasses in the book) who are working out of special properties in order to keep them safer! These properties are owned by some people within the criminal underworld and so getting information from anyone regarding the crime is an uphill struggle.

The book also highlights a sort of criminal hierarchy as the criminals in the book don’t have a problem with killing someone who has done them wrong but when these prostitutes start being murdered they are all horrified in their own way and do try to help the police without hurting themselves.

The story also tells of police corruption, the love life of one detective and it also shows that other than the people these girls work for no one seems to care about their death. Some of the parents didn’t know their girls where up to this kind of job, but most of the girls who were killed were put through the care system at a young age and so their death wasnt of consequence to anyone!

This book is 583 pages of thoroughly gripping read, I found it hard to put down until I had read the whole book!

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