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The Power Trip by Jackie Collins

Fantastic, Jackie Collins never fails to entertain and captivate readers. The Power Trip thrusts readers into the lives of several rich power couples whose lives may not be as glamorous as the press are lead to believe, that is until they embark on ‘the power trip’.

The book at 517 pages long is full of sex, hate, power, money, lies, corruption, excitement and a touch of romance. Every page is a pleasure to read as the story flows well together and does not let the plot line disappear, the chapters at the beginning are separate for each couple giving them background and identity so when the chapters start to merge them all you can readily distinguish between each character.

The main plot of the story is that these famous couples, a senator and his wife, a movie star and his girlfriend, a famous footballer and his interior designer wife , a Latin singer and his boyfriend and a journalist with his female journalist friend are all invited to join a Russian billionaire and his supermodel girlfriend upon his gigantic yacht to mark his girlfriend Bianca’s birthday and the vessels maiden voyage.

This trip is meant to be the trip of a lifetime, except all of the guest may not necessarily get along with each other. Fame and fortune are the only thing these people are worried about, other than who is the sexiest!

Unfortunately some people can hold grudges for a very very long time and one things for certain is that these guests will never forget their trip on the high seas.

To find out what happens aboard the yacht you will have to read Jackie Collins’ book but I can promise you that you will not be disappointed. Another fantastic read from Jackie Collins.


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Elephants on Acid by Alex Boese


This book is a great read for anyone fascinated by science, or for anyone who likes a laugh at the extreme and bizarre lengths some scientists will go to just in the name of all that is “science”.

The topics covered in this book range from slightly macabre to completely hilarious. Some of the experiments within the book are so well-known that I had already heard of them but it was great to see them written about in a slightly comical way.

The book isn’t difficult to read or understand so even if you are not a huge science buff this book will still be a great read.

I did think that the topic of Elephants on Acid should have been a bigger chapter as it was the name of the book but Zombie Kittens and other extreme tales more than make up for this.

Definitely  a recommended read, thoroughly  enjoyable.

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