Jack and Jill By James Patterson

The Dragonslayer is back in another brilliantly told story by James Patterson!

Jack and Jill is the third book in the Detective Alex Cross series and it is as good and as well told as the others. This story has a huge core of family love and values running through it, giving you the sense that Cross would do anything for the ones he loves including giving up his own life. The fact that Cross has so many values just makes me as a reader root for a happy ending for the good guys.

This third book is based on ‘jack and Jill’ a killer couple who are stalking and killing celebrities, however the tale of ‘jack and Jill’ is not what it first appears to be. The story is easy to follow even with its different plot twists and angles, gripping you from the first page.

For me the main story within the book is a second killer who is targeting young children from a tough, black neighbourhood in which Cross himself lives. Again it seems that only Detective Cross and Sampson care about the children from the rough area which angers and saddens detective cross. The story highlights what many people feel is true, that while the rich and famous get all the available police help and media coverage needed to catch the killers the rough, black neighbourhood is left to fend for itself leaving the feeling that no one cares.

Alex Cross again finds himself struggling to contain his temper in the face of racism within the police force, leading him into a slight bit of bother! For all his trials and tribulations Cross remains an excellent character.

The story ends on a cliff hanger and maybe a love interest for Cross? To find out the twist that ends Jack and Jill you will have to read it for yourself, as for me I can’t wait to read the next in the series Cat and Mouse to find out what happens!!!


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