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The Eyes of The Dragon by Stephen KingĀ 

To begin with I was fairly unimpressed by this book but halfway through it became a charming and cool introduction to a very well known Stephen King villain. The book is completely different to all of King’s other books in the way it seems more of a young adults tale, instead of the usual horror and mystery that is so associated with the writer.

If you are fans of The Dark Tower series then this is a great little read as it shows the reader what a certain Mr Flagg was up to before he became the well known evil the exsits to destroy everything. While there is no mention of any other of the Towers characters, the story consists of magic, heroes and much bravery from people who wish to protect their lands!

Great little read for fans of Stephen King, if you have never read one of his books before I would suggest you choose another book before reading this one.


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