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The Girlfriend by Michelle Frances

Well how can I describe this book without giving anything away, it is a fantastic read and I devoured it in three days. Thats the fastest I’ve read anything in a while.

This book makes it so subtle yet so clear that something just isn’t right throughout the story, the drama and the way the tension grows had me feeling physically nervous at times.

The book certainly lives up to it’s description, it is most definitely a psychological thriller. At times it had me suspicious, worried, angry and nervous but mostly it actually sent chills up my spine and I was scared for the characters.

The issue starts when a new girlfriend comes between Daniel and his mother, their relationship is fairly tight and she is very protective of her son even if he is an adult! His new girlfriend isn’t sure she likes this relationship and tries to put her own stamp on Daniel. When things start to go wrong who will be believed as the victim, the controlling mother or the controlling girlfriend? Its hard to decide when neither is completely innocent!

I know I always say it but this is a 100% must read for all book lovers out there.


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Gravity by Tess Gerritsen

Yet again Tess Gerritsen does not disappoint, this book is all about space travel and the international space station, it also plays on a persons biggest fear….what if we are not alone in the universe and what if they are hostile beings?!

This book does contain a lot of NASA acronyms but there is a full glossary of terms at the back. All the jargon just shows how real the story seems and the research that went into the book. Without these terms the story would fall flat and just become a two dimensional tale, rather than a book to get caught up in.

The idea that people aboard the international space station are at the mercy of ground control is a problem in itself but put in a deadly illness, the likes of which has never been seen before we have major problems. How can the guys be saved without risking the lives of the people on earth and how can an emergency rescue mission take place when it takes days to get there from earth?

This story is gripping from the start and on more than a few occasions will have you with a lump in your throat. As usual I fully recommended this book and most of Tess Gerritsen’s books, and if I haven’t recommended it yet it’s because I haven’t read it!

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The Woman Who Stole My Life by Marian Keyes

If you want a lightweight funny and highly entertaining book then look no further. Marian Keyes is the queen of this genre, her books are captivating from the moment you open them.

The Woman Who Stole My Life is a wonderful trip through the life of a middle age woman, who once had everything only to loose it all, to claw and scrape her way back to make a life for her family only to possibly loose it all again!

It has a wonderful story line of romance, family, heartbreak, illness and most of fun. How do you make some of life’s biggest decisions when you have a family to think of, sometimes putting yourself first is the only way forward despite what everyone may think.

I can’t say too much about the book without giving anything away so please just trust me and give it a read! Its a great book with a lovely story, it will make you laugh it will make you angry and it will make you sad everything a good book should do.

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Silent Scream by Karen Rose

I adore all of Karen Rose’s books so far, they contain all of the sections from my favorite genres. They have gruesome crimes, brave heroes, exciting plot twists and a good portion of sex and romance whithout being too over the top.

Some of Rose’s novels contain some of the same characters but I haven’t read them in order and I have not found the story confusing or disjointed at all.

Silent Scream is about many different criminal activities like arson, murder, blackmail and adultery. It highlights throughout the story that you can never be too careful about who is listening or watching your every move! A fire is set by a group of teenagers, who realising there is someone in the building, just walk away leaving them there to die. The only problem is someone else watched them do it and has it all on video tape, determined to make them pay and to be the master who pulls their strings the voyeur begins blackmailing them.

Can detectives Sutherland and Kane figure out who is behind all of this before it all comes crashing down and people get hurt? Can detective Sutherland find love with handsome fire fighter David?

Well read the book to find out! Written in a diary type style you follow the plot day by day and time slot by time slot slowly unravelling the story. Strongly suggest a read if you jave never tried Karen Rose before.

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Insomnia by Stephen King

As always Mr King never fails to completely enchant me with his novels. Even though most are very long they dont feel like they are hard to read, they just flow across every page dragging you deeper into the plot.

For me this is a romance novel the only way King knows how, lots of horror, magical beings and the idea that we are only part of what is on this earth and in this reality, mixed in with some heartbreak and love for good measure. As usual the book also covers some difficult topics like domestic abuse and abortion, never gratifying either it is used as a tool to represent how inflammatory topics can spiral out of control.

Also as with some others of Stephen King’s books this on makes reference to the dark tower series and the power that seems to run through Derry. If you haven’t read the Dark Tower books I suggest you do and if you are a fan of King then you will be aware that the Dark Tower features in a few of his novels like IT, The Eyes Of The Dragon just to name a couple.

King is one of the best authors around and if you haven’t ready any of his stuff please give it a try, you will not be disappointed.

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Eddie The Beast Hall My Story

For lovers of Strongman everywhere this is is a great book. Who better to follow and to be the peoples champion other than the great Eddie Hall!

After following Strongman for a few years now to suddenly have this man burst onto our screens with a huge personality to go with his giant size. Anyone could see he also had potential to actually win the competition and become the World’s strongest man, the first Britain for years. What was not to love?!

The book shows how much actual work goes into preparing for these competitions and how much of their personal life they give up to entertain the masses. It also highlights just how far strongman competitions have come and how many injuries these guys suffer.

Terry Hollands has always been a favorite of mine and my dads, that was until we came across Mr Hall. While Hollands is still a legend there is a new master in town and that people is Eddie Hall.

Well worth a read for anyone who has a passing interest is strongman, and a must for people who really love strongman competitions.

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Polo by Jilly Cooper

Another fantastic bonk buster from one of the greats Jilly Cooper. Polo is the third book in the series and while a great stand alone novel, it is much better if it is read in order. The books have some reoccurring characters who certainly bring the story to life if you know their full story.

As usual this book is also about horses, this time polo instead of show jumping. The story twists and turns through romance, hatred, betral and unrequieted love making it a turbulent read.

It is exciting from the start but with all the bed hopping and change of bad guys to good guys you will need to pay close attention to the plot or you might just get confused.

A fantastic read, even if you know nothing of polo and you just fancy a good romance this might just be the perfect book for you!

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