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Cause of Death by Dr Geoffrey Garrett and Andrew Nott

This book combines two of my favorite things to do; reading and crime scene investigation.

The idea of using science to figure out how someone died, how people robbed a bank, kidnapped a child or defrauded millions of people really interests me. So much so that I am a fairly avid reader or anything crime, while it might seem morbid or weird to some it completely enthralls me.

For anyone similarly interested in criminal cases this book is fantastic, written by a criminal pathologist the book tells of the awful crimes he has been asked to work on. How he uses certain tools and machines to carry out postmortems, what he believes causes people to comit murder and how when faced with multiple deaths a pathologist will need as system to identify every fatality.

The book isn’t overly long and has a nice flow to it. It also mainly uses lesser know crimes which is good for a crime buff like me. Most of the Dr’s stories are from the Manchester area as that was his domain.

I highly recommend this book to all crime lovers and for people who just like learning things, it is a great read.

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