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Cause of Death by Dr Geoffrey Garrett and Andrew Nott

This book combines two of my favorite things to do; reading and crime scene investigation.

The idea of using science to figure out how someone died, how people robbed a bank, kidnapped a child or defrauded millions of people really interests me. So much so that I am a fairly avid reader or anything crime, while it might seem morbid or weird to some it completely enthralls me.

For anyone similarly interested in criminal cases this book is fantastic, written by a criminal pathologist the book tells of the awful crimes he has been asked to work on. How he uses certain tools and machines to carry out postmortems, what he believes causes people to comit murder and how when faced with multiple deaths a pathologist will need as system to identify every fatality.

The book isn’t overly long and has a nice flow to it. It also mainly uses lesser know crimes which is good for a crime buff like me. Most of the Dr’s stories are from the Manchester area as that was his domain.

I highly recommend this book to all crime lovers and for people who just like learning things, it is a great read.


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Black Notice by Patricia Cornwell 

This book is the 10th in the Kay Sacrpetta series and while I usually say these books can be read as individual novels, I think this time around you need to read them all just to make aense of things that happen.

I have always enjoyed Patricia Cornwell’s books but I have to say that this one was a slow burned and took a while for me to get into.

While I enjoyed the unique sense of the case, and the return of the most beloved and annoying characters. I just felt that the book was quite maudlin and self pittying which git annoying after a while.

As this has been the first book of Cornwell’s that I haven’t massively enjoyed I will still continue on with the series and see what happens to the characters I enjoy so much.

This story is worth a read, especially if you are a fan of the series so far. If you are a beginner to this series then go back and start at the beginning! 

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The Life by Martina Cole

I have to say that I adore such a gritty and hard hitting book. To say there is no honour among thieves is a complete understatement where this book is concerned.

For the Bailey’s all that matters to any of them is family and staying at the top of their criminal enterprise. To stay at the top you have to play by your own set of rules, but not everyone seems to agree.

Some people are jealous of what everyone else has and will stop at nothing to gain what they think they are owed out of life. That includes stabbing everyone in the back if necessary, including family! 

As alway with Cole, this book contains scenes of graphic violence and a fair bit of swearing. I really enjoyed the book and I think avid readers of hard hitting crime will love it too!! 

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The Eyes of The Dragon by Stephen King 

To begin with I was fairly unimpressed by this book but halfway through it became a charming and cool introduction to a very well known Stephen King villain. The book is completely different to all of King’s other books in the way it seems more of a young adults tale, instead of the usual horror and mystery that is so associated with the writer.

If you are fans of The Dark Tower series then this is a great little read as it shows the reader what a certain Mr Flagg was up to before he became the well known evil the exsits to destroy everything. While there is no mention of any other of the Towers characters, the story consists of magic, heroes and much bravery from people who wish to protect their lands!

Great little read for fans of Stephen King, if you have never read one of his books before I would suggest you choose another book before reading this one.

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Rivals by Jilly Cooper 

I cannot believe I have gone this long without getting obsessed with Jilly Cooper novels. This is the second one I have read now and my passion for her books just gets stronger.

This book is such an easy read, even if there are hundreds of characters throughout the story. Cooper handily has a character intro at the start of the book.

Always seen as a bonkbuster Jilly Cooper does not disappoint as there is much sex to be had throughout the story but the book is also about the underdogs trying to fight the big powerful and corrupt business man.

A great enjoyable story for lovers of a good hearty romance. Praise for another great read. 

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The Survivor by Sean Slater

So after reading Snakes & Ladders by Sean Slater my husband tells me he has the first book in the Detective Striker series. This pleased me enormously so I got straight to reading it.

I was not disappointed it was another fantastic read, the tension was palpable and for some the the horror was real. I couldn’t put the book down as I along with the detectives wanted to know who was behind a horific crime and why the crime was commited.

I will definatley be getting the other books by Sean Slater as so far his crimes have touched me, his detective makes me happy and the killers always allude me. A must read for all crime fans.

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Snakes & Ladders by Sean Slater 

This book is my first ever encounter with author Sean Slater and I have to say this read was fantastic. I am pleased to have discovered him and I will definatley be reading more of his books.

Set in Canada which is a nice change for a crime thriller. Snakes & Ladders follows the Vancover homicide detective Striker muddle his way through crimes that are laced with deception, murder and the confusion that is mental illness on a large scale.

For lovers of a crime thriller that you can really sink your teeth into then give Sean Slater a try. For all the twists and turns this read is awesome, well worth a read. 

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