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Idol by Carrie Duffy

I have never read anything by this author by it is definitely a genre that I read, so when I was given it as a gift I thought it would be worth a read. I was so right on that part, the book is easy to read typical romantic fiction, it is full of sassy and bitchy characters that can’t help but be interesting from the start.

The story is about fame, fortune and love from the perspective of Jenna Jonsson, singing superstar who has it all, and Sadie Laine, a world-class dancer who has yet to make it big. The book tells of their respective trials and tribulations in every aspect of their lives and how having it all doesn’t mean that you are any better with the opposite sex!

It’s a nice easy to read book and it keeps up the pace of the story nicely so it doesn’t become to slow and boring. If chickĀ lit is your thing then this books is worth trying out, you might be as pleasantly surprisedĀ as I was.


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