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3RD Degree by James Patterson


As you can guess 3rd Degree is the third book in the Women’s Murder Club series and while I loved it I do have one major gripe I need to get off my chest. I wish the front of the book han’t announced that 1 of the murder club was going to die, I then spent the entire book trying to guess who it was going to be instead of just going with the flow of the plot.

Other than that I relished this book as much as the first two. The strong independent female characters really stand out to me and the fact that they  fight crime is even better. 3rd Degree introduces a couple of new characters, namely Deputy Director of Homeland Security Joe Molinari. He is there to help with case and possibly become Lieutenant Boxers newest love interest, which is great, who doesn’t enjoy romance along with their murder.

This case is about home-grown terrorists ‘August Spies’, who have major plans for San Fransisco. They seem intent on causing destruction and mayhem in the name of protest. However not all the ‘August Spies’ seem to be working toward the same agenda. Can Lieutenant Boxer and her band of merry men or women solve the motive for these killings in order to locate the leader and stop all this anarchy.

A great story well worth a read. The story has a complex plot flows together to make it an easy read.


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2ND Chance by James Patterson


As numerically stated this is the second book in The Women’s Murder Club series and this one is as good, if not better than the first. After solving the Honeymoon murders Lindsay Boxer is now Lieutenant Boxer of the San Fransisco Homicide division. With her new title comes just as much chaos and criminality, could this be another case for the murder club?!

When a group of black choir children are shot at on their way out of church the police think it is an unmotivated racial crime. However with the aid of Claire, the police soon realise that there was a target after all. Then with the aid of Cindy the police force learn that this might not be the first in this killers killing spree.

With the help of the San Fransisco PD and the Women’s Murder Club in full force can Lindsay solve the crimes before the body count rises again. Along side the case the four best friends have personal issues to deal with not to mention the return of Lindsay Boxer’s father who she hasn’t seen in years!

Is everything as it seems? and with time running out can Lindsay muddle her way through all the dead-end leads onto the real story behind the crimes.

I love a gritty James Patterson story and I love strong female characters so this series is just great as it combines both of those things, other than that I think it has a great plot and is gripping from the start. Well worth a read.

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The Cipher Graden by Martin Edwards


This is the second book in the Lake District set and I was previously mistaken in saying that the stories do not link together because they do. The crime to be solved is different yes but the characters are the same and quite a few over lap from the previous crime into this one.

Again this book took an age to pick up pace but was an easy to read crime thriller, once it had picked up the pace it was a good read. The Cipher Gardens main characters DCI Hannah Scarlett and historian Daniel Kind I do find a little bit lack luster and unimaginative, one is a cold case investigator and the other is just really nosey so you can guess who solves the crime each time!

I don’t want to be to disparaging of the book because I liked the easy read and the plot overall, I just prefer my characters to have a bit more charisma, power, charm I don’t know just something more that what these gave me.

In order to solve an old crime Hannah must try to sift through the fact that at the time there where many suspects and all of whom seemed to have an airtight alibi. Now she faces the issue of the same old resentments being dragged up from the past and everyone keeping just as quiet as they did before.

A good, easy to read detective story with quite a good plot and a sharp twist that many won’t see coming.

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Just After Sunset by Stephen King


Just After Sunset is a collection of short stories from one of my favourite authors Stephen King. It was relatively easy to read as the stories within weren’t very long but as an avid King reader I felt I was missing out on his usual detail and fantastical twists. Some of the stories within this book I which were longer and others I didn’t like at all, a bit like a bag of sweets some you like others you don’t.

A couple of my favourites were the Gingerbread Girl and Mute but my winner out of the entire collection was N. Its a complex story which is hard to describe without ruining the magic for future readers but I full of neurosis and all things King, I was glad it was slightly longer than some of the other stories and I think King could have extended into a full book on its own.

After reading N I looked it up online because in my head the story had struck a chord with the Dark Tower series, however according to what I could find this is not the case but it was made into a miniature series which I have not watch but apparently the entire series only lasts for 30 minutes as some sort of campaign.

Well worth a read as a new Stephen King enthusiast to ease your way in to the heavier and weirder stuff, even a good read as an established fan but bear in mind its short stories so King doesn’t have the time to weave his usual magic.

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