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The Sunflower Forest by Torey Hayden

This book is one of the few fiction books that Hayden has written, most of her books are non-fiction and are about her life as an educational psychologist and the challenges she has had to face during that time. So, it was with some scepticism that I picked up this fiction book, however as I began to read I found this story just as haunting and profound as all the others.

All the previous books that I have read by Torey Hayden have been full of pain, sorrow, anger and betrayal often by the people we are supposed to be able to trust. At times the books made me cry and at times the books where hard to read but seeing the love and care Torey lavished on these children gave me a lovely warm feeling after reading them.

Even though this story was fiction it was no different to the previous stories I had read, although this time the damaged and hurt party was an adult not a child. The Sunflower Forest was so full of pain and hurt mixed in with a family trying to cope with their mothers mental illness. It illustrated that because of the hurt and betrayal that one person suffered can have a profound and damaging effect on the entire family.

The story doesn’t go into huge amounts of detail about what happened in this womans past but it shows enough for us to know that she is damaged beyond repair and no matter how much her family love her, it just might not be enough to save her from herself. This book is thoroughly thought-provoking and is hard to put down, I would recommend it to readers who love to read something a bit different to the norm.

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The Redbreast by Jo Nesbo

This is the first Jo Nesbo book that I have read and I have to say that it was great. It is a story that really makes you think and has all kinds of twists and turns throughout which make it such a good book. Even at 618 pages I had trouble putting it down and even when I did I would think about it occasionally so I could try to figure out the suspect for myself.

The Redbreast is set between WWII and 2000 and involves Detective Harry Hole. Hole is the main character for nearly all of Nesbo’s books which is good as the reader has someone to relate to each time. This story centers around the fact that an unusual gun has arrived in Oslo sparking interest within the police force, then what seem to be random murders start happening. For Detective Harry Hole, nothing is random and he doesn’t believe in coincidences so can he find the killer before he sets his sights on another victim?

This story was brilliant, if you like being made to follow and think about the progression of the story instead of being carried along. This book is definitely  worth a read.


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Desire by Louise Bagshawe

This book is fantastic, it is definitely the most thrilling storyline from Bagshawe yet. The book was fast paced from the beginning, not bothering with a long and boring build up it just jumped in at the important part.

The story is based around the death of a Hollywood VIP Josh Steen, he was murdered on his wedding night and the evidence points to his new bride Lisa Costello. Sam Murray the journalist sent to cover the wedding decided to follow the murder story, this could be his big break a way to stop doing puff celebrity pieces. As he gets closer to the believed killer and as he starts to fall for her, he cannot believe she is guilty of murder.

If Lisa isn’t the guilty party then someone has hired a hit on Josh Steen and Lisa might be in trouble! On the run until she can prove her innocence might become a fight for her own life. Can Sam and Lisa solve the mystery before they are either caught by the police or the assassin himself.

This book is such a great read and was hard to put down. As it isn’t a huge book, only 440 pages, all the drama the romance and the suspense happened very quickly and because of that every page was exciting. Yet again another fantastic book.

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The Movie by Louise Bagshawe

This is another fantastic story from Louise Bagshawe, its romantic in parts but dramatic and tense for most of the main story.

The Hollywood movie industry is full of people who are fake and who will stop at nothing to get what they want. This story is about the movie world and it’s liars and players, some characters remain loyal to themselves which meant that I wanted the best for them throughout, but others are horrid and actually made me quite angry with all their scheming and lying. The story seemed to be that you only got to be famous if you slept with right people or stabbed them in the back.

Roxana Felix is the biggest bitch in the entire book and really annoyed me with the way she treated the nicer characters, sometimes however there is a reason why some people act out against the people who are trying to be kind. Some characters, like David Tauber and Jake Keller are just really horrid characters because they are jealous of what other people have.

The story of course has its sweetheart, Megan Silver and various other great characters that we meet along the way. Unfortunately for Megan the Hollywood lifestyle isn’t always plain sailing, but like most of Bagshawe’s books there is a happy ending in the horizon.

The Movie is a great read from the start, dramatic and funny and fast paced. This is an extremely good read!

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Destiny by Louise Bagshawe

A fantastically charming and romantic book from Louise Bagshawe, it didn’t take me long to consume the whole book. From the beginning it is a captivating story and 422 pages just flew by in moments.

This story is about Kate Fox who once cast as a gold-digger must do everything in her power to prove herself to everyone that she has changed. Proving herself is going to be difficult since leaving Marcus, an extremely wealthy and powerful man, she has created an enemy that is intent on destroying her. Also it just so happens that the next man she likes is also a rich and powerful man.

Can Kate prove she has changed and that she likes David for who he is and not how much money he has in the bank? Or will Marcus manage to destroy Kate and her relationship with David? You will have to read the story to find out.

This book is such an easy book to read, there is a great story but it isn’t hard to follow and is a fantastic bedtime or anytime book. Its relaxing and easy to imagine how the characters in the book would look and behave as the story is well told. Another fantastic read from one of my many favorite authors.

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