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Polo by Jilly Cooper

Another fantastic bonk buster from one of the greats Jilly Cooper. Polo is the third book in the series and while a great stand alone novel, it is much better if it is read in order. The books have some reoccurring characters who certainly bring the story to life if you know their full story.

As usual this book is also about horses, this time polo instead of show jumping. The story twists and turns through romance, hatred, betral and unrequieted love making it a turbulent read.

It is exciting from the start but with all the bed hopping and change of bad guys to good guys you will need to pay close attention to the plot or you might just get confused.

A fantastic read, even if you know nothing of polo and you just fancy a good romance this might just be the perfect book for you!


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Rivals by Jilly Cooper 

I cannot believe I have gone this long without getting obsessed with Jilly Cooper novels. This is the second one I have read now and my passion for her books just gets stronger.

This book is such an easy read, even if there are hundreds of characters throughout the story. Cooper handily has a character intro at the start of the book.

Always seen as a bonkbuster Jilly Cooper does not disappoint as there is much sex to be had throughout the story but the book is also about the underdogs trying to fight the big powerful and corrupt business man.

A great enjoyable story for lovers of a good hearty romance. Praise for another great read. 

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Riders by Jilly Cooper 

I was looking for an author to fill the space that Jackie Collins had left, and I have to say I think I’ve done it. Jilly Coopers first novel Riders is fantastic, full of sex, hatred and a desire to win the reader is plunged into the world of show jumping.

The characters are sexy and heartbreaking but none more so than Rupert Campbell-Black who is the most central character. We follow a group of show jumpers who want to win Olympic gold and they will stop at nothing to win. Along the path to gold is many trials and tribulations, riders having accidents or sleeping with other riders cannot boost team morale.

Can the team put all their hatred for each other aside and ride to Olympic victory? Well you will just have to read it to find out. A great long novel, super easy to read and super trashy. Just what I was looking for.

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