The Survivor by Sean Slater

So after reading Snakes & Ladders by Sean Slater my husband tells me he has the first book in the Detective Striker series. This pleased me enormously so I got straight to reading it.

I was not disappointed it was another fantastic read, the tension was palpable and for some the the horror was real. I couldn’t put the book down as I along with the detectives wanted to know who was behind a horific crime and why the crime was commited.

I will definatley be getting the other books by Sean Slater as so far his crimes have touched me, his detective makes me happy and the killers always allude me. A must read for all crime fans.


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Snakes & Ladders by Sean Slater 

This book is my first ever encounter with author Sean Slater and I have to say this read was fantastic. I am pleased to have discovered him and I will definatley be reading more of his books.

Set in Canada which is a nice change for a crime thriller. Snakes & Ladders follows the Vancover homicide detective Striker muddle his way through crimes that are laced with deception, murder and the confusion that is mental illness on a large scale.

For lovers of a crime thriller that you can really sink your teeth into then give Sean Slater a try. For all the twists and turns this read is awesome, well worth a read. 

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Private No. 1 Suspect by James Patterson 

If you like fast paced and full throttle action then you will love James Patterson. His novels are a fantastic and gripping way to pass the time.

This story is part of the Private series that Patterson writes and I have to say that if you were going to read these I would start at the beginning of the series. Each book has it’s own plot but the characters and their history is the same throughout the series.

In this book Jack, the owner of Private is prime suspect in the murder of his ex girlfriend. Especially as she is found murdered in his bed! Each of the team have other cases that are taking up valuable time but can they help Jack prove his innocence before they all reach breaking point? 

As I said before these books are great time fillers and the pages just seem to turn themselves. If you are a fan of crime fiction then I must recommended the great James Patterson.

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Did You Miss Me by Karen Rose 

Absolutely love this author, she has me on the edge of my seat for many different reasons.

Firstly the crime, the horror and the pain some of her characters face is intense. Wondering if they will ever find justice and peace. Second of all, the romance and the agony of unrequited love is heart wrenching throughout. The way Karen combines the two is fantastic, can a man in love save his woman from dispair, loneliness and prehaps even death in order for them to live a happily ever after?! 

In Did You Miss Me we already know some of the main characters from previous books which makes it nice that the story ties up sone loose ends whilst still having a new and gruesome case within its pages.

The many twists and turns of the story make it hard to tell you much without ruining the suspense for everyone. All I can say is that it is, as usual a fantastic read.

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The Quickie by James Patterson 

This book for me is the definition of a quick read, it was so page turning that I just ate up the pages without noticing. The book has you gripped from the start and is so full of questions as to what would I do in that situation, makes it even more of a compelling read.

Homicide dectective Lauren Stillwell has found her husband cheating on her and decides to get back at him by sleeping with another detective. After her one night stand Lauren witnesses him being murdered outside his own house, she knows who the killer is but will she turn them in or destroy everything to cover the truth?

The murderer has no idea he has been seen, and Lauren knows she wasn’t spotted so a terrible game of cat and mouse ensues but just who is chasing who? 

A great read, certainly got my reading brain all fired up. Thats the main reason I adore Patterson, great reads everytime. 

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NYPD Red 2 by James Patterson 

I love Patterson books as they are easy to read, fast paced and give you characters you love.

NYPD Red 2 is no different as it has the same team of elite cops as it did in the first book. I  woul say as well to try and read these books in order as they contain references to the first book which would make no sense otherwise.

Can Zach and Kylie figure out who is the Hazmat killer before they kill yet another peorson. Life is made harder for the two cops as it seems these vigilantes have a lot of support out there and they also seem to know their every move.

The reader goes through the book knowing who the killers are and why they started on their vengful journey but it takes a while to finally figure out who they are in the later story as it keeps their names well buried until the end.

Great read for all lovers of crime. 

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Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King 

A lovely group of chilling short stories by the horror king himself  (pun intended). This collection explores the various darker sides to the human mind and what it is actually capable of.

This version I read also has a bonus story at the end which was added a while after the first edition went out to the public.

The stories also highlight the diversity of King’s story telling capabilities seeing as he can weave a highly captivating story in just 100 or so pages and make it just a spooky as one of his books that are over 800 pages long.

I would also recommend this collection of books to a new Stephen King reader as it allows you to explore what a King book is all about without committing yourself to an epic read which you may not like, and for all King lovers anyway this is just another great book from the great man himself.

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