Insomnia by Stephen King

As always Mr King never fails to completely enchant me with his novels. Even though most are very long they dont feel like they are hard to read, they just flow across every page dragging you deeper into the plot.

For me this is a romance novel the only way King knows how, lots of horror, magical beings and the idea that we are only part of what is on this earth and in this reality, mixed in with some heartbreak and love for good measure. As usual the book also covers some difficult topics like domestic abuse and abortion, never gratifying either it is used as a tool to represent how inflammatory topics can spiral out of control.

Also as with some others of Stephen King’s books this on makes reference to the dark tower series and the power that seems to run through Derry. If you haven’t read the Dark Tower books I suggest you do and if you are a fan of King then you will be aware that the Dark Tower features in a few of his novels like IT, The Eyes Of The Dragon just to name a couple.

King is one of the best authors around and if you haven’t ready any of his stuff please give it a try, you will not be disappointed.


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  1. Insomnia was the first Stephen King novel I had ever read. It was long but it showed me why King’s one of the best storytellers out there. Amazing book. Good concept.

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