The Graft by Martina Cole

I absolutely love Martina Cole for her hard hitting and very real novels, full of gangster life and their code of conduct. The rules of business, from drug dealing to prostitution, to violence and retribution and to the little “clueless” wives at home.

The Graft shows that even gangsters have their secrets and they are willing to pay the highest price to keep them secret. Especially if those secrets would be inexcusable to even the most hardened criminal in your world!

After all is said and done, the wife is seen as just a victim, a woman cluless to how her husband ran his business from day to day. She may never have known his secret, but we should pity the person who doesn’t think that she was the real brains behind her husbands entire empire.

This book is not for the easily offended of the squeamish. It is full of swearing and depictions of violence, child prostitution and heroin addiction. If however you like a bit of meat to get you teeth into then Martina Cole is the author for you.


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