Did You Miss Me by Karen Rose 

Absolutely love this author, she has me on the edge of my seat for many different reasons.

Firstly the crime, the horror and the pain some of her characters face is intense. Wondering if they will ever find justice and peace. Second of all, the romance and the agony of unrequited love is heart wrenching throughout. The way Karen combines the two is fantastic, can a man in love save his woman from dispair, loneliness and prehaps even death in order for them to live a happily ever after?! 

In Did You Miss Me we already know some of the main characters from previous books which makes it nice that the story ties up sone loose ends whilst still having a new and gruesome case within its pages.

The many twists and turns of the story make it hard to tell you much without ruining the suspense for everyone. All I can say is that it is, as usual a fantastic read.


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