Faceless by Martina Cole 

Martina Cole is one of my favorite authors when I want to emmerse myself in gritty, gangster novels. These are the best and they don’t often disappoint, they convey exactly how I think that kind of life to be.

Marie Carter has spent most of her life in prison for a double murder without any contact from the outside world and the life she once knew. Now she is out and trying to adjust to life outside the prison walls, everything has changed and her children, now teenagers want nothing to do with her!

Can Marie make a life for herself and can she stop her daughter from making the same mistakes she did? Coming out of prison seems to have opened a can of worms that some people would rather stayed buried but will the life drag Marie back in or will the truth finally out?! 

A fantastic read, not for everyone with it’s colourful language and the violence on a regular basis, but great for readers who dont always want a flowery love story. I recommend it as a gripping read.


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