11/22/63 by Stephen King

I adore Stephen King and the books he has produced over the years, he has such a vivid imagination that certainly translates to the reader. I always seem to get swept up into his novels for an emotional journey until the end.

11/22/63 is no different it sweeps the reader off their feet with the possibility of time travel, not only that but a chance to stop the infamous JFK assassination. Jake from 2011 steps over 50 years back into the past hoping to see if he can make a change to history for the better.

However the past doesn’t like to be changed and even minor differences can send ripples crashing through time! 

Can Jake give up the past in order to save the future….quite possibly if it hadn’t been for one thing…

LOVE, he falls deeply in love with a woman who in his time would be old or dead! Can Jake go back to his time and leave her behind, never knowing how her life turned out? 

You will have to take the trouble to find out for yourself, but beware it is and emotional rollercoaster will leave you with a lump in your throat and a tear in your eye. A fantastic read for fans of King or a good introduction to the King novels.


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