To Fight For by Phillip Hunter 

To Fight For is the second book in the Killing Machine series and while this book was quite enjoyable and easy to read, I think it would hav emade more sense to me if I had read the series from the begining.
While I say the book is easy to read it does jump around a lot so unless you as a reader can cope with this then it maybe a rather difficult book to get your head around.
The main character Joe is basically out for vengance on anyone who had a hand in the death of his girlfriend Brenda, although she is dead she pops up in the story a fair bit.
The story gets right down to it and its bloody and violent throughout. I also feel that the reader never fully gets to understand why Brenda was murdered and why so many people have to die!
Like I said before I enjoyed the book but maybe if I had read the previous book I would have loved it.


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