Blackwater by James Henry 

Blackwater is a great read, it has many characters in which to remember but they are all given so much detail that it isn’t difficult to keep trackof who’s who. It’s also clever because of the many characters the reader cannot easily figure out who is the main person behind all the crimes.

Set in Colchester in 1983 the police have their work cut out for them when three crimes happen around the same time. DI Nick Lowry, while investigating a drug smuggling incident begins to realise that the other crimes are no coincidence and that they may all be linked to this one thing. The question is how? 

Can DI Lowry get to the ringleader before anyone else gets hurt or the drugs make it out onto the street? Him and his fellow police officers will try their hardest to figure it out.

A great read for all crime lovers, it’s not to complex but the story is captivating. As I reader I found it more intriguing because I couldn’t figure out the ringleader, which to me makes it a better read. Definitely recommend giving it a read! 


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