Truth or Dare by Tania Carver


I love this author and these novels always have me gripped from start to finish. They are full to the brim with situations that genuinely leaves me tingling and slightly nervous as you feel the tension start to build.
This is the sixth book in this series and while it probably could stand alone, some of the references make more sense if you have followed from the start.
What would you do if you were given a choice to decide if you lived or your girlfriend and child got to live, the worst part is… know the reason behind all this is a crime you had previously gotten away with?! This is the type of justice one such ciminal thinks it is ok to distribute at his own discretion leaving Phil and his detectives to try and figure out who he is before it happens to anyone else.
Meanwhile Marina is facing her own mental challenge when she is called in by an old friend to give a psychological profile when things take a turn for the worse!
Will they figure out their own problems or are two heads better than one? A great read for avid crime fans.


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