The Santangelos by Jackie Collins


I hate that I will never read another new Jackie Collins book, she was my first reading obsession and the first collection in my hoarde of books. I am proud to say I own all of her books and that now I have also read them all!
The Santangelos is an amazing climax to one of the best book series around. The Santangelos are a family like no other, they are old school criminals, they own half of vegas, they do as they please and above all you never mess with any of them.
This book if full of sexy, drugs, deceit and death but most of all it is about family, love and retribution. It was a fitting end to a long and exciting series.
Jackie Collins, from an obsessed reader to an excellent author, you will be missed.



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3 responses to “The Santangelos by Jackie Collins

  1. Woah, that’s crazy! I am curious to see what her books contain now. Got to read some of her work, soon!

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